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Terms & Conditions

*If, while searching the Internet, you find a lower bookable rate on any other publicly available website in your country for the same date(s), same hotel, same room type, same rate type, and for the same number of guests and notify within 24 hours after booking your room with us, will give you double the difference back, up to $150. In cases where a lower or equal rate is available on, the rate will be offered.

*The Best Vegas Rate Guarantee applies only to hotel-only reservations made on or through a reservation specialist. It does not apply to rates on air-hotel packages, hotel rates within an air-hotel package, or any other rate which includes more than hotel accommodations.

*For purposes of this Guarantee, the "rate" includes the room rate only. It does not include any guest fees, service fees, taxes, tariffs or other hotel-related charges.

*Maximum total refund paid will not exceed $150.

*In cases where the maximum refund exceeds the original purchase price, the original purchase price will be refunded.

*To notify, click here to fill out an online Best Vegas Rate Guarantee alert. Please note: Only one claim can be submitted in a 24 hour period.

* customers must submit the notification within 24 hours after booking the original reservation.

*To file a notification, you must have a confirmation number.

*Rooms booked within 24 hours of room stay do not qualify for this guarantee.

*The cited competing rate must be for the same date(s), the same hotel, the same room type, and for the same number of guests. It also must be publicly viewable at all times through a competing website. A viewable rate means that the general public can view the rate at the time of the notification. A bookable rate means that the rate is available and can be reserved at the time of the notification. Special members-only or membership club rates or program rates do not qualify; the rate cited must be available to all members of the general public.

*The cited competing rate must be bookable in a hotel-only form. Cited rates which are hotel rates within an air-hotel package, or which includes more than hotel accommodations, do not qualify for this guarantee.

* must be able to verify, to its satisfaction, that the notification qualifies and meets all conditions of the Best Vegas Rate Guarantee and of these Terms & Conditions -- and that that the notification has been submitted completely and in earnest.

*If there is a hotel-only rate available on which is the same or lower than the rate submitted in the qualified notification, the rate will be offered to the guest. In such a case, the guest will not receive double the difference back. will only refund double the difference if does not have the best available rate as described in these Terms & Conditions.

*For notifications that cite multiple night reservations, the total room cost for the entire stay will be evaluated in determining whether the qualifying website has a lower rate.

*Notifications sent during normal business hours are normally processed within two business days. Notifications submitted outside of business hours will be processed within the next two business days. Any rate change should not be assumed and is not effective until the guest receives written confirmation either by e-mail from or via fax or letter from All notifications must be submitted outside of 24 hours of the first room stay date in question.

*The Best Vegas Rate Guarantee does not apply to opaque rates, where a specific hotel and location are not known until the booking is completed. Examples include Hotwire® or Priceline®.

*The Best Vegas Rate Guarantee does not apply to wholesale rates, corporate rates, group rates or affinity/association rates.

*The Best Vegas Rate Guarantee cannot be combined with any other discounts, special offers or promotions.

*Terms & Conditions are subject to change at's discretion.