Las Vegas Weddings

It's crazy to get married in Vegas, which is why it's awesome. Enter the little white chapel with gold trim. Elvis is officiating. The bride and groom are wearing the same clothes they were in when they met — three hours earlier. And that's not even extreme for Vegas. You can do anything. Get hitched during a KISS concert. Tie the knot in a helicopter, or at a Denny's. Vegas is the place where there are no limits, and weddings are no exception. No blood tests. No waiting. No judgment. And the cool thing is, if on-a-whim is not your style, you can also spend months planning and making everything perfect. And hey, if you wake up the next morning knowing you've made a terrible mistake, don't worry. Nevada Divorce Center on Rainbow and Washington does annulments for $199.

Las Vegas Wedding Chapel Specials

Featured Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Chapel in the Clouds Say "I Do" above the Strip with magnificent views!
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Reflection Bay Golf Club Rediscover Elegance & Luxury at Lake Las Vegas
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Sunset Gardens Your alternative to the typical Vegas wedding.
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