Las Vegas Pool Parties

Pools are great. We like pools. But you can find a pool at nearly every hotel and motel in basically any city. You can also find a really amazing pool at nearly every hotel in Las Vegas. But day clubs are not just pools. And Vegas day clubs are a whole new level. Basically, take the Vegas club scene — beautiful people, lots of drinks, mind-blowing DJs — now, reduce those people's clothes to almost nothing, move everything from late-night to daytime, bring it outside, add a pool right in the middle of everything and boom, the best pool parties in Vegas, right at your disposal. 

Sounds too good to be true? It's Vegas. Nothing's too good to be true. The even crazier thing about Las Vegas day clubs are that they don't even have to follow typical day club hours. While most operate solely during the standard weekend/day schedule, more and more Las Vegas pool parties schedule their offerings well into the evening. Partying in a pool while its still 100 degrees at midnight? Sounds like a sweet idea to us. Regardless of your pool party needs, you've come to the right place. Check below to find out more information about hours, cover, dress code and more about the best pool parties in Las Vegas. And if you decide you'd rather lounge next to a Vegas pool instead, we have you covered, too.