Las Vegas Pools and Day Clubs

Pools are great. We like pools. But you can find a pool at nearly every hotel and motel in the general area. You can also find a really amazing pool at nearly every resort within county limits. But pool clubs are not just pools. Pool clubs are a whole other level. Take your club scene — beautiful people, lots of drinks, mind-blowing DJs — now, reduce those people's clothes to almost nothing, move everything from late-night to daytime, bring it outside, and add a pool right in the middle of it all. Sound too good to be true? It's Vegas. Nothing's too good to be true.

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Featured Pool Clubs in Vegas

Nude Resort One Love Temple Sea Mountain 
TMZ calls Sea Mountain One Love Temple the ultimate celebrity secret. A couples and women-only alt theme park with four nude pools, it’s a playground of luxury. The nude Sea Mountain couples resort has the world’s only 24-hour lifestyles dance club where all guests are treated to bottomless beverages and 24-hour snacks. Playboy calls this nude couples retreat the ultimate thing to do before you die, and Maxim and Esquire call it the most romantic day or sensual night in all of Las Vegas. With a female-centric staff and a NO BODY-SHAMING philosophy, guests will enjoy one of the most romantic pools in the world. Forget about topless pools with single men lurking, the One Love Temple is a camera free, nude couples and women-only land of lifestyles freedom. Treat yourself to a day or night of bliss and add a therapeutic massage to any package. Visit or call 1-702-497-2936