Getting around Las Vegas

There are two big Vegas -isms. Tourism and capitalism. (Yeah, OK, there are other -isms too, but let's stay focused.) Besides thinking about things like flood control and building codes, the powers that be have done a good job of supporting transportation. And the entrepreneurs that be have done a good job of figuring out ways to move you from Point A to Point B on your dime. It's a beautiful thing, this synergy of -isms, because it makes getting around this city a cinch. Airport shuttles, car rentals, limo services, buses, taxis, the monorail. Plus, you may not want to hear this, but for the sake of friendly conversation, it's also pretty easy to walk around the Strip or downtown.

Other Las Vegas Transportation Options

Airport Shuttle
Airport shuttles Transportation to and from the airport. We list all the shuttle companies and approximate prices.
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Buses The Vegas public bus and local charter buses are all listed here, including links to public bus routes and timetables.
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Parking Garage
Parking garages An insider's guide to Vegas parking garages. Where to park, what level has direct access to the hotel-casino and more.
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Ride Sharing
Ride sharing There's a app for that. Ride sharing - Lyft and Uber - has come to Las Vegas.
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Taxis Tips and a guide to the various taxi companies in Vegas.
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