Top Places for Hipsters

Sin City has something for everyone. To prove it, we’re breaking down the nightlife and giving each style its own spotlight. Tonight we ironically say, “Whatever. I knew about that place like two years ago,” to the hipster.

Your skinny jeans are squeezing you like a tube of organic toothpaste to the point that your well-crafted facial hair is growing faster than you can rub artisanal bee's wax into it. You’ll wear a bow tie and suspenders regardless of gender. And every band you listen to will be over within six months. So clean your glasses and get the wax out of your gauges, because Vegas has the bars for you.

Park on Fremont
We know it’s going mainstream quickly. But there’s still some original life left in this downtown hotspot. The outdoor patio may bring in the walking traffic who don’t know the difference between a hand-crafted cocktail and a wine cooler, but the inside seating and back patio are still just as quirky and exclusive as ever. You can even impress all your less-than-knowledgeable friends by rattling off the exact locations of the carriage, the “f***ing beautiful” sign and the Bloody Mary reference. The drinks come in jars. The warm and perfectly gooey cookies come in a cast iron pan. And if you get overwhelmed by the crowds from the Fremont Street Experience, just slip back to the see-saw – you know what we mean. If you don’t, maybe you’re not quite as with it as you think you are.

Gold Spike
As a hipster, you’re pretty much required to love a place that looks from the outside like just another casino/bar and from the inside like an eccentric rich guy bought out a community college's student union.  But even if you weren't, Gold Spike is something for everyone. Play games. Lay on the super random bed that's in the middle of the room for like no reason—so hipster. Local DJs fill the booth and the backyard has a roller rink where you can bring your roller skates and pretend that you're doing something ironic or artsy and not just reliving one of the best parts of your eighth birthday party. There are even some tiny houses and an Airstream back there, because what's more hipster than writing "Sense8" fan fiction on your antique typewriter in a tiny house? Plus, it's a part of Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project. And it doesn't get much more hipster than that.

We didn’t really want to put this one on the list, not because it isn’t great, but because it’s so incredible we just wanted to keep it all to ourselves. But, after admitting how hipster that was of us, we realized it needed to be shared. Artifice is a bit off the path, but that just means you can ride your fixed-gear bike or Vespa there. Original artwork on the walls is often for sale, or at least available for cultural critique. And live performances from burlesque to music to live painting provide entertainment in between well-crafted yet reasonably priced drinks. They also have LGBTQ nights, goth nights, steampunk fashion shows and loads of other events. Artifice is one of those bars that’s so great we feel like we have to protect it. So we’re trusting you here. Stay true to the hipster spirit and don’t let everyone else ruin it.

Oak & Ivy
New is always in for the hipster. And when that newness comes in the form of a bar built out of an upcycled shipping container, it’s practically a hipster bat signal. Oak & Ivy is a whiskey bar in the new Downtown Container Park – one of the latest revitalization endeavors from Las Vegas’ Downtown Project. The moment you step into the Downtown Container Park as a hipster you’ll feel at home. From gluten-free non-GMO kettle corn to artisanal frozen pops, DCP has everything to keep you hipster happy from your feet to your fedora. (Are fedoras over? It feels like they might be over.) Oak & Ivy is the place to be seen in all your hipster glory and sip a barrel-aged cocktail that you swear you’ve heard of before. They also have an exceptional list of whiskeys so you can sip the 114 proof Noah’s Mill then pretend you can totally handle it while the bartender explains why it’s so good.

Culinary Dropout
This is another spot that’s picking up steam, but so far it’s sticking to its hipster roots. Billing itself as being built by dropouts too cool for culinary school, this gastro-pub offers unique food, clever cocktails and live entertainment. If you’re staying on or near the Strip, you can’t get downtown and you don’t want to try to find The Lady Silvia, Culinary Dropout is the place to embrace your hipsterhood without having to travel too far from the masses. Whether you’re a new hipster in training, an old hipster who knows quality, or you just want a full meal with your PBR, Culinary Dropout proves that the quirky and classy can still be accessible. And it’s a great compromise if you’re traveling with your family who just don’t get you.