Top Bathrooms

If you have to take a deuce anywhere, it should be in a golden throne bathroom with pyrotechnics. Well…maybe not pyrotechnics, but our bathrooms are so hoppin’ you wouldn’t feel guilty if you spent half your day in them.

We picked our favorite and most over-the-top hotel bathrooms in the ultimate pissing match. But budget travelers beware: Ornate chandeliers and marble countertops don’t come cheap.. So either hit it big on the casino floor or become Daddy Warbucks before you book one of these suites.  

Aria Sky Villa

Head up into the clouds. *Cough cough* or the 58th floor. It’s time to join the gods when you enter into the most pristine bathroom you’ve ever seen. The larger-than-life shower has a seat in it for all of you who can’t bear to stand up with that horrible hangover. If you time your shower just right, you can dry off to the desert sun rising or setting through your floor-to-ceiling windows. Be prepared to pony up the Benjamins to enjoy this luxury. Sky Villas will run you between $3,500 to $7,500 per night.

Hard Rock Hotel Specialty Suites

If there’s one thing this hotel does right, it’s making you feel like a rock star, even in their suites’ bathrooms. Whether you pick the Celebrity Suite that features a walk-in shower big enough for you and your groupies or the Penthouse Real World Suite created for the hit reality TV show, you can do no wrong. But, if it was up to us, we’d choose the penthouse. From its mosaic spa tub with a view of the Strip to enough space for five people could get ready at the same time, this is the bathroom for you. If a bathroom could talk, oh the stories this room would have.

Palms Fantasy Suites

You’re not living in a fantasy anymore; this bathroom is a reality. Make your childhood dreams come true in the Hot Pink Suite, formally known as The Barbie Suite. Don’t lie, you know you always wanted a real-life Malibu Barbie Dream House, even if you had to share it with your sisters. But this dream house is just for grown ups—one of its 3.5 bathrooms has a stripper pole. Bow chicka wow wow. You’d be a fool not to have your bachelorette party here.

Tropicana Sky Villas 

If you were to get married tomorrow and buy a house, this is the only bathroom layout that would be acceptable for any newlywed couple. There’s more than enough room for two people because there are two of everything: two walk-in steam showers, two toilets, and two separate sinks to get ready at. No more fighting for space—this bathroom is a dream come true.

M Resort Flat Suite

Views on views on views. This resort bathroom will have you questioning, which is better: the room or the bathroom? Located off the Strip, this suite has a birds-eye-view of all the madness that is Las Vegas Boulevard. Sink into your large tub and view the glorious city for what it is. With your floor-to-ceiling windows, it would be a mistake not to bust out your camera and take a snapshot.


Wynn Parlor Suite

Now this is something you’d see in a good old fashioned Hollywood movie. Brush your hair at your vanity table and feel like you’re the crown jewel of the city. Are you a three suitcase kind of traveler? Perfect, because you can step into your walk-in closet while your hair is up and drying. This bathroom is the best place to put on your own personal fashion show—montage music and BFF required.


Mirage Villas

Are you feeling yourself? If not, you will be after staying in this villa. With large mirrors surrounding the bathroom and enough shelf space to put candles up for your own spa experience, this bathroom is the place for some R&R. And since nobody’s watching, now’s the time to practice your dance moves in the shower. It’s soo big you can kick, move, and sashay all in on space.

Mandarin Oriental

What is better than one bathroom? Obvi, two. And the Mandarin Suite delivers all that is holy in a bathroom. It takes “Netflix and chill” to a whole new level. With a huge tub that can easily fit a plus-one and a TV mounted on the wall, you can bet you’ll be taking your time while scrubadubdubbing in the tub.

Saving the best for last

Caesars Palace Constantine Villa

Once you enter this bathroom, you’ll be convinced Caesar did in fact live here. This bathroom is as big as your first apartment. With the huge tub in the middle, bathe like the gods did. The only thing you’re missing is a fan boy and someone to feed you grapes. It’s Vegas, so we’re sure that can be arranged. With two sinks, two vanities, and two toilets, you could move a family in there and there’d be enough space for everyone.

Now’s the time to start saving that cash flow for the greatest bathroom experiences you can find in the beautiful city of Las Vegas. Luxuries are an honor, not a handout. Make it work, and we promise you won’t regret one single dollar.

Great bathrooms in clubs, restaurants and hotels

Vegas' great bathrooms are not confined to hotel rooms and suites. There are plenty of unusual and amazing restrooms located off clubs, hotel lobbies and restaurants. On your next visit, take a tour of some of Vegas great public restrooms.

Main Street Station

Why it's awesome: Plenty of drunken people used the Berlin Wall as a urinal over the years and even though the Wall is gone, there's still a piece of it in a bathroom at Main Street Station. In one of the men's restrooms there's a graffiti-laden section of the Berlin Wall above the urinals. A plaque chronicles when it was built and dismantled, while artwork and photographs of the iconic embodiment of the Cold War are also on display.

Flirt Lounge

Why it's awesome: The folks who designed Flirt Lounge, located next to the Chippendales Theater at the Rio, know that women often go to the restroom in pairs so they can talk. Flirt has a restroom that features a circular dressing area called "the gossip pit." The feminine décor also includes lavender walls, rich violet drapes and dark purple leather couches. A freestanding, mosaic-tiled vanity with a large, softly lit mirror sits in the center of the room. The best part? Footage of the sexy Chippendales dancers is broadcast on flat-screen TVs.


Why it's awesome: This bathroom is considered one of the best in the country. It was a 2009 nominee in Cintas' America's Best Restroom Contest. The men's and women's bathrooms were made from material imported from Italy including Carrera marble tiles, handcrafted wooden doors, Venetian plaster, solid-marble sinks, limestone columns, silk curtains and Murano glass chandeliers.

The women's room features private enclosed bathrooms with Murano glass sinks. In the common area there's a couch and a Murano glass mural surrounding a stone lion head mounted over a small pool with silk roses in it.

In between the men's and women's bathrooms there are more chandeliers, a Murano glass mural of a harlequin and more Carrera marble tile.

Paris Las Vegas

Why it's awesome: The Paris hotel paid a lot of attention to detail to make sure it had the look and feel of the city -- right down to the restrooms. The public bathrooms at Paris Las Vegas are furnished in true French provincial style – with pedestal sinks, decorative patterned tiles and individual mirrors in ornately carved, gold-colored frames.