Top 10 Las Vegas Thrill Rides

Vegas thrill rides are just the attitude (and altitude) adjustment a thrill seeking tourist needs. There are tons of extreme thrills both on and off the Las Vegas Strip. Here’s how to get your heart pumping during your visit to Las Vegas.

Exotics Racing

Next time you come to Vegas, slip behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche or Audi at Exotics Racing and drive on a real racetrack at the Motor Speedwaywith the sole intention of going really fast.

Push the limits of the car’s performance with the help of a professional instructor. You can also ride-along with a professional race car driver for two laps around the track to feel the exhilarating high-speed rush. The experience is one of pure adrenaline and full-throttle fun.

SkyJump Las Vegas

We mere humans may not be capable of jumping over tall buildings in a single bound, but we can at the very least jump off a tall building in a single bound (and live to tell the tale) thanks to SkyJump Las Vegas at the Stratosphere.

After riding an elevator to the 108th floor of the tallest building west of the Mississippi, you’ll channel your inner superhero and step off the edge of a platform 855 feet above the Las Vegas Strip. The only thing missing from this controlled free-fall is a cape.

Stratosphere Rides

Stratosphere Thrill Rides: Big Shot
No matter how many times you ride Big Shot, you will still scream at the top of yourlungs upon the initial launch of 160 feet at 45 mph. It's like calisthenics for your heart and my stomach. It's also a great stress reliever. The descent from 1,149 feet above Las Vegas is comparatively peaceful and the view is unparalleled. 

Stratosphere Thrill Rides: X-Scream
Your life may momentarily flash before your eyes when X-Scream slides down its 69-foot track at 30 mph toward the Las Vegas Strip below. Even though logic tells you the ride will stop at the end of the track -- 30 feet over the edge of the building -- there's a small part of your brain that fully expects the high-tech teeter-totter to just keep going. 

Stratosphere Thrill Rides: Insanity
Were not doctors or physicists at, but we’re pretty sure the human body is not meant to spin repeatedly in circles, and certainly not at dizzing speeds of 40 mph. Throw in the fact that you're dangling at a 70-degree angle in the open air, 900 feet above the Las Vegas Strip ... well, that's just Insanity.

Las Vegas Roller Coasters

Desperado roller coaster
Tucked quietly off to the side of I-15 in Primm, Desperado looks like a fairly innocent roller coaster. It starts out that way as it slowly crawls 225 feet into the air providing views of the mountains and highway below. But once you plummet downwards at almost 90 mph,  you will come to my senses. This two-minute and 45-second ride is exciting, suspenseful and the No. 1 reason why people in Primm are walking around with messy hair.

Roller Coaster at NY-NY
When you see the Roller Coaster at New York-New York, this phrase comes to mind: "Location. Location. Location." It's the only roller coaster that is located outside of a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip with prime real estate at the corner of Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard. With a replica of the New York harbor and a 150-foot model of the Statue of Liberty, it's a bit like riding a taxi cab at 67 miles per hour over upside-down loops, corkscrews -- and potholes -- through a New York City postcard.

Canyon Blaster at Circus-Circus
Canyon Blaster at the Adventuredome at Circus Circus is relatively short compared to these other two coasters, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in spirit. There are double loops, double corkscrews and a deceivingly demure-looking pink track. There's also something inherently fun about riding a roller coaster inside an air-conditioned building. We recommend sitting in the very front or the very back for the most impact.

Vegas Indoor Skydiving

Vegas Indoor Skydiving is very different than it sounds, but definitely an amazing thrill. Not many people can say they've literally floated on air before. The DC-3 propeller mounted beneath bouncy wire netting blows you upwards inside the vertical wind tunnel.

As an active participant, you are instructed to arch your back, straighten your legs, relax and look up so you don't slam into the padded wall. You may fly upwards of 12 feet with help from a Body Flight Instructor. It’s strenuous, but a lot of fun!

Vegas Mini Baja Chase

Driving a colorful tinker toy on wheels through desert dunes may not seem very challenging, but Vegas Mini Baja Chase is not a thrill for the faint of heart. The dune buggies go super fast, the terrain is excitedly unpredictable and the soft desert sand goes flying everywhere! You may spend the first part of your drive alternating between swearing like a drunken sailor and fits of laughter. By the end, you will be covered in sand from head to toe and happily exhausted from your adventure.