Top 10 Nightclubs

You know 'em. You love 'em. Or, maybe you don't know 'em, you're waiting for us to tell you why you should love 'em and you're not entirely sure why we're not writing the entire word, "them."  We're not gonna spend much time guessing which one of those it is. We've got too much partying to do. So without further to do, ado or updo (actually an updo would look super cute at any of these clubs), here are 10 of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Drai's and Drai's After Hours
Yep. We're cheating already. We said 10 and we've already snuck in another entry. But we just couldn't break these two up. They're both fantastic and they both start with "Drai's." So we figure that's a good enough excuse to let them share a slot. Upstairs, Drai's Nightclub is the style Vegas was built for. It's the cheese pizza of nightclubs – always delicious and never gets old. Drai's After Hours is more like a fine red wine – always delicious and never gets old. That probably says a lot about our dietary habits. But it says more about the elegance that Victor Drai brings to his namesakes. After Hours is much more chill, though the red lighting makes it feel otherwise. The lights may be hot but the mood is always cool. And it's the perfect spot to continue the night after you've danced away whatever few inhibitions you had left at Drai's Nightclub.

We're knocking the big dogs out of the way early. OK, we're just going alphabetically. But if you're into nightclubs and you don't know Hakkasan by now then our first piece of advice is to move out from under that rock. No matter how cheap the rent is under there it can't make up for the lack of info. When you've taken care of that, head to Hakkasan. This is the club all other clubs probably feel like they need to beat. It's massive. It has some of the world's most renowned DJs in residence. And its parent company seems to be angling for total domination of Las Vegas nightlife. This is the epicenter of the epicness that has become nightlife. And it's where you should probably go if you want to tell your friends you went to one of the definitive Vegas nightclubs.

Hyde Bellagio
You'll be standing/partying right behind the iconic Bellagio Fountains. When they go off it's like you're getting a private show. And when they die down you still get to feel special for being on the backside instead of the sidewalk. Once you finally look back inside, you'll find a nightclub and lounge that is exactly as elegant as you'd expect from Bellagio, while still being relatively casual. If the lake in front of Bellagio had a beach, Hyde would be that awesome camp where all the cool kids go every summer. You can get in too. You don't have to go settle for that camp that doesn't even have an extensive cocktail menu. Get your spot at Hyde, party hearty and don't even think about doing something lame like making a lanyard. What is a lanyard for anyway?

SLS is like a party in itself. We write about Sayers Club a little later in this list, but for now we want to focus on Foxtail. It started out as a once-a-week spot when the hotel dawned, but it's become one of the most talked-about nightclubs in Las Vegas. The fact that it opens to the amazing Foxtail Pool Club area definitely helps that. A dark yet lively space, Foxtail perfectly matches girls dancing in cages with black, script-adorned walls. That part in itself might seem like a simple task. But putting it all together with a sunny pool space, which includes a stage for live music, shows how committed the proprietors of Foxtail and SLS are to crafting a club experience for everyone. Come after dark if you like the dim and feel the urge to crawl in the cage, or wait for a warm day and hit up the pool. Whatever you pick you can bet Foxtail is a good time.

Cirque du Soleil created a nightclub. It was called Light. And it was good. It may not be a religious experience, but it's definitely something to behold. We've had a lot of fun with that metaphor, but really Light doesn't bother. The giant wall of light kind of hammers home the message that you're in a club that values all the brilliance it can shine out. Light is more artistic and deep than a lot of clubs in this crazy world. That's no surprise given the whole Cirque du Soleil connection. No matter where you look you'll find something eye-catching, even if it's just another club kid dressed for the night. Have fun at this club, and no matter how drunk you get, don't try most of the things you see. You're probably not that bendy and have not done the necessary stretches. We don't want you to pull anything, unless… No. We'll just let that one go.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, as a whole, is pretty much one drunk girl named Kimmie away from being a nightclub all by itself. So it's not terribly shocking that Marquee, the goto nightclub at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, is as spectacular as it is. The main club has everything you want: loud music, dance space and enough booze to make you forget how much you're spending throughout the night. But Marquee doesn't stop at one awesome club. Forget that noise. They've also got the Boombox, a club unto its own that's more private and intimate, and the Library, which is pretty much the best library you'll ever go to – unless you're one of those crazy people who still reads books. Seriously, get a tablet like the rest of us. But probably don't bring it to Marquee. That's just a waste of perfectly good dance time.

She's the new girl in class and she's so interesting – not just for being the new girl. Omnia is another concoction of Hakkasan Group, the people who brought you, among other things, Hakkasan Nightclub. But unlike that new kid who turns out to be totally ordinary and just another person once the hype dies down, Omnia is anything but. From a chandelier that we're pretty sure is just a really lazy Transformer, to an overall aesthetic that pretty much screams Vegas, but musically and in tune, Omnia is a sight to behold and a place you should probably do whatever you can to get into.

Sayers Club
Here's where we calm it all down and remind everyone that a party doesn't have to be off the wall, and sometimes it shouldn't be – especially when one of those walls is a giant garage door that leads to a suave patio. That's one of the many things Sayers Club has going for it. Among the other aspects are more live music than you'll find at any other club in town, more unique mixes of live and spun music and an elegant atmosphere that blurs the lines between private club, awesome lounge and nightclub that just took over the other two. It's easier to get in than other places and it's a more chill mood. But that doesn't mean it doesn't rock.

This is the club that we'd pick if we had to answer the extremely specific question, "Which club in Las Vegas is the most Las Vegasy in terms of its Las Vegasitude?" It's glamorous for its layout and décor, with twin dance floors sporting totally different vibes side by side. And the bathtubs full of rose petals don't hurt nothin' neither. We like to think of Tao as the club version of one of the delicious tastes from Tao Restaurant. It's unique and delicate on the tongue, and always leaves you wanting more. We just realized how many food references we've made in this piece. We might be hungry. Off to Tao for dinner before dancing.

We won't say we were saving the best for last, especially since we already established that it's all just alphabetical, but we will highly imply that XS has this exact post in mind when they named their club. Someone over there can see the future. And they definitely saw a bright one for XS. The club is modeled after Tryst, the former nightclub at Wynn that kicked off an era of success for Wynn's nightlife. XS has an ideal layout with plenty of space for dancing and the ability to actually get to the bars for a drink, which is surprisingly rare sometimes. This is Vegas after all, being able to get to a bar is pretty darn important – followed closely by being able to get back to the dance floor and find someone cool to dance with. That's what XS offers. And it does it so well you might never want to leave. Unfortunately, they do not let you live there. We already asked.