Best Party Bars

In the immortal words of Wayne Campbell, “Party! Party hearty!” We shall, Wayne. We shall party hearty. And, since we’re Vegas instead of Aurora, Illinois, we’ll do it so much heartier. This is not one of those, “Whether you’re blah blah or blah blah you can still blah blah” situations. Everybody can party in this town and we’re showing you where.

Cabo Wabo Cantina

Party Profile: Rock star on holiday
You’re on stage. The crowd is cheering. Everyone is shooting tequila. OK, we can’t promise it’s exactly like that, but Cabo Wabo Cantina at Miracle Mile Shops is close. As the creation of Sammy Hagar, how could it not be? It’s got the laid-back spirit of Cabo going for it, but the open-air patio pulls in the liveliness of Vegas. The main dining area has a full menu of Mexican fare, while the bar features signature margaritas, cocktails, cervezas and, of course, tequila. For something a little different than the Patron or Cuervo you’re used to, try the Cabo Flight full of Cabo Wabo’s own label of tequila. You probably won’t feel exactly like a rock star, and you will likely get in trouble if you jump on the bar and ask people to throw panties at you, but for a lot of fun and an awesome vibe, Cabo Wabo Cantina will make you feel like you could, someday, rock the stage.

Carlos’ n Charlie’s

Party Profile: Holy crap that’s a big drink
We expect any place that has a lone letter in the middle of it to be super fun – Chuck E. Cheese, Toys R Us, DMV. That last one is only fun if you have tequila. But Carlos’ n Charlie’s is fun anytime and for any reason you need. At the Flamingo, this 100 percent Mexican eatery is so aware of its own awesomeness that it actually has a disclaimer on its menu stating, “Our drinks improve the looks of the people around you.” Of course that’s not true when you’re around because you’re beautiful and everyone knows it. *Flirty wink* But it’s important to remember that moderation is a part of a good party. Inside is a restaurant with a full menu and decorations and flair bartenders. And outside is a beautiful patio that’s perfect for letting loose, getting your dance on and drinking the night away. Tip: You can get your drink in a giant, green souvenir cup. It is difficult to fit in a suitcase.

Diablo’s Cantina

Party Profile: Hell on Earth with a side of guacamole
If the devil had a cantina, well, it probably still wouldn’t be as hot as it is in Vegas most of the year. And it also wouldn’t be nearly as awesome as Diablo’s Cantina at Monte Carlo. This is one of those spots on the Las Vegas Strip that you just know is a party as soon as you walk up. Billing itself as one part restaurant and one part nightclub, it’s pretty easy to see why Diablo’s made the list. The bar is accessible from the Strip, making this one of the easiest spots to hit up for an impromptu affair. And the whole restaurant, from the main room to the patio, feels like it was made for partiers who aren’t afraid of a little heat. We won’t make any statements about what will become of your immortal soul after a night at Diablo’s, but we will say that whatever happens, you won’t feel too bad about it.

Señor Frog’s 

Party Profile: Getting invited to a private island, realizing you forgot to pack pants, being totally okay with that.
Señor Frog’s at Treasure Island is one party we’re not sure even we can handle. OK, we can handle it. We’re party pros who love some good hyperbole. But this spot is still boatloads of fun. Señor Frog’s is another Mexican restaurant and bar that knows exactly what people want – delicious food, huge drinks and barstools that look like butts. Don’t even act like that hasn’t always been a dream of yours. If you see someone walking the Strip with a balloon hat, it probably came from Señor Frog’s, so head there to party island style. And be sure to sit in a butt stool. You know you want to. 


Party Profile: Pretty much any Jimmy Buffett song
This isn’t just a bar, it’s an epic group of bars that ensure you’ll never want for another margarita as long as you are still in Margaritaville. The Margaritaville Casino is located inside/beside the Flamingo and houses the 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar with it’s cute patio and cool inside bar. And the Margaritaville restaurant is further north on the Strip and houses several bars with varying degrees of margaritatude. Either place you pick will be a perfect combination of partying and relaxation – as only parrotheads have perfected. But if you’re looking for a bit more of an experience, the restaurant has a particularly fantastic food menu as well as a large balcony where you can party like you’re already in paradise. Or, if you’re just looking for something quick as you’re walking by, on the corner by the LINQ there’s a wee little margarita bar where you can get in and out with a tasty cocktail in seconds. If you choose one Margaritaville bar or all of them, you’re going to have a great time.

Rockhouse and PBR Rock Bar

Party Profile: Wooooooooo!!!!!!
We write about these sister properties quite a bit. That’s because they’re pretty much parties personified, then turned into places, then filled with people, who then party. Just keep drinking until that makes sense. Rockhouse at Venetian is a party bar that’s just divey enough to kick ass and just polished enough to keep you shining in the Vegas lights. PBR Rock Bar at Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood is the home to all things drinking, partying and Professional Bull Riding in Las Vegas. The bull there – and the one at Rockhouse – is mechanical though, which is probably the best bet for an indoor establishment where people are eating. We can go on and on about these two spots, but seriously, you just need to go. A party on a screen is only so much fun. It’s time to take the party to the bar. You’ve got a 50/50 shot to pick the one we’ll be at, good luck!