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Best Party Bars in Las Vegas

Vegas is basically the Thomas Edison of partying. Like, we totally invented it and, like any good hearted Samaritan, shared it with the world. The beauty of being a party innovator is that we can give you the 4-1-1 on all of the best places, drinks and yes, dance moves. Everyone can party in this town and we’re going to show you where. These are the best party bars in Las Vegas.

Cabo Wabo Cantina at Miracle Mile Shops

Party Profile: Rock star on holiday

We can see it now: you’re on stage, the crowd is chanting your name and suddenly, you forget the words. Sorry that your big break fell into the toilet, but thankfully Cabo Wabo Cantina has enough tequila to help you wash away your pains. Created by legendary rock star Sammy Hagar, this place combines the laid back vibe of Cabo inside, with the craziness of Vegas outside on the patio. Yeah, there’s a menu full of Mexican food, but since you’re here to party, you’re gonna want to try the Cabo Flight. These things feature three of Cabo Wabo’s finest tequilas. You probably won’t be able to sing like a rockstar, and you’ll probably get arrested for asking people to throw panties at you, but for a brief moment, those shots will make you feel like you could rock the stage.


Carlos & Charlie's at Flamingo

Party Profile: You don’t have to be in college to go on Spring Break

Everyone knows that any place with a single letter in the middle of their name is clearly a super rad place. Think about it: Chuck E. Cheese, Toys R Us and the DMV. We’re totally kidding about that last one, but Carlos ‘n Charlie’s is actually ridiculously rad. Tucked inside the Flamingo, this Mexican eatery is like those places you went to for Spring Break back in the day. If you don’t believe us, they proudly hang a disclaimer on their menu that says, “Our drinks improve the looks of the people around you.” Umm yeah, this is our kind of place. Flair bartenders, sweet decorations and a patio with gorgeous views make this the perfect place to rage. Just remember, if you order one of their souvenir cups, it may or may not fit in your suitcase. It’s that big.


Señor Frogs at Treasure Island

Party Profile: Waking up on a beach without pants. And being cool with it

Señor Frog’s has a reputation for a reason. We’re not even sure that we can hang. Ok, that was a lie. We’re party pros- of course we could handle it. This Mexican restaurant and bar knows what the people want: delicious food, huge drinks and barstools that look like butts. Don’t even act like that hasn’t always been a dream of yours. If you happen to see someone walking the Strip with a balloon hat, it probably came from Señor Frog’s. So head there to get your party on, island style. And feel free to give the butt chairs a grab. You know you want to.


Margaritaville at Flamingo

Party Profile: Basically every Jimmy Buffett song, ever 

You know the crazy parties those Parrotheads throw before every Jimmy B concert? Well, this place is the physical reincarnation of that. The Margaritaville Casino is located inside/beside Flamingo and is home to the 5 O'Clock Somewhere Bar with its sweet patio and cool inside bar. The Margaritaville restaurant is a little further north on the Strip, but it too houses several bars and varying degrees of margaritatude. Regardless, either place is any Parrothead’s perfect combination of partying and relaxation, with plenty of Hawaiian shirts sprinkled in.


PBR Rock Bar inside Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

Party Profile: Yeeeeeeeeehaaaawwwww!!!

Strap on your spurs and bust out your finest cowboy hat because PBR Rock Bar is all things rodeo! And like any good rodeo, this place is filled with drinking (lots of it), partying (it’s on this list for a reason) and Professional Bull Riding. Think you got the Rocky Mountain Oysters to last eight seconds on a bucking bull? Hop on the mechanical bull to test your skills. We won’t blame you for chickening out, but the other patrons might. Bull riding not your thing? PBR has 105 high-definition TVs, a Strip-side patio, and beer pong tables to keep the party going. Maybe the spurs are a bit much, but we’ve actually never rode the bull before…