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Best New Vegas Shows

We’re not dubbed the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothin’, baby! We’re constantly bringing shows in and out for your entertainment. We have Las Vegas comedy shows, variety shows, Las Vegas concerts and even a few adult shows for the grown-ups. We do this all so your eyes can pop out of your head, your jaw can drop and so you can leave our beautiful city with that wowed expression people keep telling you to fix. We’re here to add some spice to your life, so be bold and catch these new Las Vegas shows that debuted in 2018. They're so good, they'll still be around in 2018.

Gwen Stefani at Planet Hollywood

Wind it up! Gwent Stefani has landed in Vegas, and her show is bananas. The Las Vegas show is filled with set changes, costume changes and most importantly personal stories from Gwen herself. Now, this show isn’t like most headliners in Las Vegas. There are no big breaks between sets and there’s definitely no standing still. No doubt, Gwen goes all out. She reigns supreme on the Vegas Strip. This is a 90-minute show filled with badassery, so splurge a little and sit in the front row.

I Love the 90s at Paris Las Vegas

When people think of the 90s, they automatically go to boy bands and beanie babies. But that’s not the best part of the 90s at all. It’s the funky fresh hits from Salt N Peppa, Rob Base and All-4-One. So don’t get it twisted, bust out those dance moves that you’ve been hiding since the fanny pack went out of style. And since you’re too legit to quit, you’re going to book your tickets right now and scream like the fan girl you used to be. It sounds like a kickin’ time to us, so there should be no hold up to bust out your wallet so you can bust a move.

Opium at The Cosmopolitan

“To Infinity and Beyond!” Yeah that’s the catch phrase from Toy Story, but it still applies for Opium. Blast off to outer space with a crew that is more than qualified to keep you safe for this nightly adventure. Yeah, the crew might be filled with sword swallowers, a drag queen named Dusty Moonboots and a hot guy with a cute dog, but we’re sure you’ll land at some point, somehow. This Las Vegas show will have you seeing more than balls…uh we mean stars (that was awkward) in space. Buckle up, Buzz and get ready to see space in the raunchiest way possible.

Drag Supper Club at Señor Frogs

Ladies, start your engines and may the best woman drink the most sangria! Drag Supper Club is in session and girl you best believe this is where all the tea is spilt, okurrt. If you thought book club was fun (yeah right, Karen), just you wait because these drag queens have another thing coming your way. And let me tell you, it ain’t their boy parts. This show is filled with so much entertaintment that you’ll be spraying your sangria all over your friends. They give you comedy, they give you gossip and most importantly they give you DANCE numbers that will rock your world. Glue your wigs down ladies because these queens are about to snatch the night up with their sickening lineup of entertainment in Las Vegas.

Magic of Jen Kramer at Westgate

Move over old school magicians, Jen Kramer is not settling to be a crotchety old dude’s assistant, she’s the main act. The Magic of Jen Kramer at Westgate is here to take the magical throne in Las Vegas and she has the chops that prove her worth. She won the 2016 Female Magician of the Year award for crying out loud. She is hot stuff and she doesn’t have to be in a skimpy little outfit to prove it. Kramer will put a spell on you, and by the time it’s over you won’t even realize what happened.

Sugar Brown: Burlesque Bad & Bougie at The Erotic Heritage Museum

Alexxa play “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard. Now that we’ve set the mood, let’s tell you about Sugar Brown: Burlesque Bad & Bougie. You would think it’s a live action “Bad Girls Club,” but it’s actually a burlesque show with a side of comedy to ease the tension in the room. This one-woman show will tease your imagination and snaps the frisky tension that builds in the room. After she’s done with you, there’s a good possibility you want a cigarette. Is that sweat we see? Save it for the show, big boy.


Black Magic Live at Embassy Nightclub
Nothing beats rubbing up against a sexy man with washboard abs. Black Magic Live, the only all African American male revue show in Las Vegas, is bringing sexy back, and boy are our mouths watering just looking at them. And who better to hand pick these men than Vivica A. Fox? She knows your hidden desires, and it’s apparent with these men. The show takes place at the most appropriate location possible, a Las Vegas nightclub. These men are going to transport you to a magical land with all their hotness. They have the moves that are gifts from the gods and we couldn’t be happier. Black Magic Live has become our new happy place in 2018.

A Mob Story at Plaza
Two things: Las Vegas and the mob. What else do you need to know?! But, that’s where A Mob Story comes in. Yeah, this is a musical, but it ain’t your average musical, capisce? This is the real-life story of the last Godfather, Michael Franzese. If you’re not familiar, he’s been called “The Prince of the Mafia” and has all the dirt on all things wiseguys and gangsters during the creation of Sin City. That’s all we can tell you for now. If we mention any more, we might end up sleepin’ with the fishes.