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Best Concerts in Las Vegas

Out of sheer curiosity, have you ever Googled “best concerts in Las Vegas?” Oh, wait. That’s probably what you just did, huh? LOLZ. Random thoughts aside, Las Vegas concerts are unlike any other. That’s why some of the biggest artists decide to set up shop and hold residencies here. It’s the perfect win-win: artists get to play to a sold out show every night without the wear and tear of traveling the road. For the fans, hotels in Las Vegas have a boat load of rooms and offer plenty of things to do while not raging their faces off. Concerts in Las Vegas are a dime a dozen (hence the whole “entertainment capital of the world” thing), here are a few of our favorites:

Gwen Stefani - buy tickets

Sing it with us. This concert is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Gwen Stefani has landed inside Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood with her out-of-this-world style, and it has become a whole mood. Her larger than life stage presence fills up the room like no other performer on the Strip, and her voice mimics her energy level. From outfit changes to set changes, Gwen takes us back in time with her hits from No Doubt to her hits of today. If you’re a true fan, you’ll recognize one of the sets is designed to be the neon outline of their house on Beacon Street where they wrote their album “The Beacon Street Collection” and filmed the video for “Sunday Morning.” Nothing about this Las Vegas concert is disappointing. You’ll be up singing and swaying to her slow jams from No Doubt one moment, and then you’ll be jumping up and down to “Rich Girl” the next. Don’t speak, just buy your tickets to her “Just a Girl” concert today.

Santana - buy tickets
Grab your lighters and bow down to the G.O.A.T. Yeah, we said it. Santana rips on the guitar like we ask dumb questions. Santana is the literal version of the cool guy that our parents say they “used to be.” In fact, his show at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay is a great way for you to test this theory. It’s a win-win, because if you’re parents end up being “cool,” awesome! You now have cool parents. And if not, Santana and his guitar riffs are cool enough to rid you of any embarrassment.



Boyz II Men - buy tickets
No music can touch throwback R&B. We swear! So when Boyz II Men decided to hunker down at The Mirage, we were all about that. Yeah, they specialize in late night slow jams of all kind, but these dudes also switch it up and hit you with that upbeat funk, too. We know that it sounds cliché, but these gentlemen are even more impressive in person than they are on the radio. We know because we’ve literally seen every show… until they politely asked us to leave (are you noticing a trend?). Did we mention we’re fans? 



Reba, Brooks & Dunn- buy tickets
How many icons do you know are willing to share the stage? We can literally only think of two. Reba, Brooks & Dunn have put pride to the side and have chosen to favor humility and comradery instead of competition (**lights candle and starts singing “We Are the World.”) Don’t get it twisted, these artists are megastars in the country music world. For them to join forces is like Lebron James joining D-Wade (oh wait, that happened too). The result? An all out, talent-infused synergy that has yet to be duplicated. Man, if we could bottle that up and drink that for breakfast every day, woo!