Las Vegas Limos and Towncars

You'll know you've "arrived" in Vegas when you step into baggage claim and find a chauffeur standing there holding a sign with your last name on it. Actual translation of the sign: You're the bomb! Then that chauffeur will collect your luggage and carry it to a sleek, shiny, straight-out-of-a-music-video vehicle. Of course, the longer the limo is, the more awesome you are. After you step in, simply sit back and enjoy the sights of Sin well as the curious gazes you'll get from others.

Think it's too rich for your blood? Think again. Limos may feel like splurges, but in Vegas they won't necessarily cost a fortune. Here's a secret: Taking a limo from the airport to your hotel isn't much more expensive than taking a cab -- especially if you're part of a small group and you make a reservation in advance. Now that's an "only in Vegas" experience all visitors should treat themselves to.