Las Vegas Buses

The great cities of the world haven't got anything on Las Vegas. At least not when it comes to buses. We have double-decker buses -- shiny gold ones and red ones with open tops. Plus, you'll see traditional buses, trolley buses, bendy buses and even environmentally friendly hybrid buses on our streets.

So we know there's a stereotype about riding buses. Let's address that head on. Riding a bus in Vegas doesn't mean your wallet's lean. It means you're budget smart. The cheapest way to travel along the Las Vegas Strip and to downtown is to jump on a bus.

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada operates two partially overlapping routes that blanket these areas. The Deuce is a double-decker bus system reminiscent of the iconic red ones in London. But this is Vegas, so we bling'd up our double-decker buses in a glittering gold color. The Deuce runs 24 hours a day and stops at most of the resorts between Mandalay Bay and downtown. Then there's the Strip & Downtown Express (aka the SDX). Its articulated vehicles are designed to look and feel like trains. The SDX uses bus-only and HOV lanes as well as bypasses much of the Strip hotels in order to provide a faster "express" service. It operates from 9 a.m. -- midnight daily.

Service on The Deuce and SDX is reliable, but it's also very popular. This means you may not get a seat on the first bus that pulls up to your stop. But don't worry, there will be another one pulling up soon after. Buses run approximately every 15 minutes.

The RTC also operates the Citizens Area Transit bus system. CAT has multiple routes throughout the Las Vegas Valley and Henderson. 

Downtown Transit Center
300 N. Casino Center Dr.
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Telephone: (702) 228-7433 or CAT-RIDE

  • Route Schedules and Maps: This is your complete guide to bus routes, including times and the location of stops throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

  • Fare Information: Fare and transfer information and suggested routes for schools, government offices, libraries, hospitals, community resources, activities, museums, shopping malls and cultural/community centers.


CT&T Transportation
(702) 946-5075
Celebrity Coaches of America
(800) 840-0881

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Celebrity Coaches of America
(800) 840-0881

CT&T Transportation
(702) 946-5075

Greyhound Charter Service
(800) 454-2487

Las Vegas Bus Charter
(800) 979-4498


Gray Line of Las Vegas
(702) 384-1234

Greyhound Bus Lines
(800) 231-2222

Las Vegas Transit System
(702) 384-3540