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Las Vegas Outlets

Let’s go shopping!!! But this time we’re not going to max out our credit cards and go broke like the last time. You know why? Because we found this cool new thing called an “outlet mall.” Okay, so maybe it’s not new, but buying stuff that is basically on sale every single day is definitely foreign to us. And in Las Vegas, you want to save every penny you have. You know, because cocktails. There are three Las Vegas outlets where you can get a great outfit for the night or even a whole new wardrobe. Two are very close to the Strip and the other one is for those of you who drive in from sunny California or don’t mind a 45-minute cruise to get the deals of your dreams. And like, we don’t know if you’ve heard, but like fraud-a is the new Prada. Check out all the outlet malls in Las Vegas and spend all your money on fresh new clothes. It’s much harder to go broke if what you’re buying is half the price. Consider this being fiscally responsible.