Las Vegas Ethnic Stores

Vegas is a veritable melting pot, attracting tourists and residents from around the world. Our biggest concentration of ethnic stores is in Las Vegas Chinatown Plaza, a series of strip malls on Spring Mountain Road with tons of Chinese and pan-Asian businesses. We don't have a fortune cookie factory like San Francisco, but we do have some rather clever names. We're talking about you, Pho Kim Long. Traditional Chinese motifs and red gateways add to the overall pan-Asian feel of this 2.5-mile neighborhood, located not far from the Strip. Las Vegas Chinatown Plaza is the original Chinatown strip mall, with the largest collection of Asian businesses in Southern Nevada, including 14 authentic Asian restaurants, gift shops, a hair stylist, a reflexologist, home decor, an Asian supermarket and the only Chinese bookstore in Nevada. 


Chinatown Plaza
4255 Spring Mountain Rd.
(702) 221-8448

Cardenas Market
4700 S. Meadows Lane
Telephone: (702) 835-8800

Greenland Supermarket
6850 Spring Mountain Road
Telephone: (702) 459-7878

Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas
4510 Paradise Rd.
Telephone: (702) 256-5500

India Market
5006 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Telephone: (702) 736-6677

International Marketplace
5000 S. Decatur Blvd. 
Telephone: (702) 889-2888

Laos Market
629 N. Las Vegas Blvd.
Telephone: (702) 366-0881

Mariana's Supermarket
4151 S. Eastern Ave.
Telephone: (702) 834-9090

Scandinavian Styles
11155 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 130
Telephone: (702) 898-6996

Seafood City Supermarket / Jollibee
3890 S. Maryland Pkway. 
Telephone: (702) 851-0021

SF Las Vegas Supermarket
4801 Spring Mountain Road
Telephone: (702) 221-8788

SF Las Vegas Supermarket
5115 Spring Mountain Road
Telephone: (702) 876-0088