Table 10 by Emeril Lagasse

  • Palazzo - 3325 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Las Vegas, NV, 89109
  • (702) 607-6363


Cajun, Creole, American
Average cost
$35 or more
Payment types accepted
Reservations Suggested


**Whoops! It looks like this kitchen has shut its doors. For those of you who've been drinking today, that means it's closed. But don't worry, we've still got your back. Check out some of the other restaurants in Las Vegas.**

"Lobster pot pie. It's what's for dinner."

If that was the saying, there would have been a lot less beef sold last year. The lobster pot pie at Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse's Table 10 restaurant is to die for. Once past the flaky pastry topping, tender, meaty chunks of lobster are awaiting your next move. Corn, spinach, mushrooms and a truffle sherry cream sauce are a chorus of backup singers to the star of the show. Think of the vegetables as The Commodores, the lobster as Lionel Richie.

Table 10 uses only the freshest culinary treasures from across the country including sweet corn of the Mississippi Delta, meats like Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork , produce fresh off the farms in San Juan Bautista, Calif., and fresh catch from the back bayous of Louisiana.

Table 10 offers sumptuous delights like a chilled and grilled scallop dish with shaved hearts of palm, pickled red onion and crispy delicious portobello mushroom fries. The pungent intensified flavor of the mushroom fries is a nice contrast to the delicately flavored scallops. The contrast of textures is equally enjoyable.

An amazing escargot gets a fresh take served with a red wine butter sauce over mushroom toast. The escargot was cooked perfectly, not too rubbery, not too mushy. Garlic adds sweetness while lemon contributes a tart flavor. Once the solids of the plate were gobbled up, my guest and I went against better table manners and proceeded to sop up the sauce with the fresh baked rolls served with dinner.

Hey, with sauce like this, I think Lagasse himself would have given his blessing.

A tender baby bibb lettuce with pickled fennel dressing, parmesan and red onions serves as a simple foray into entrées like the aforementioned lobster pot pie and a well-rounded selection of beef, including braised short ribs, Wagyu sirloin and corn-fed angus filet.

For entrées, try dishes like the fish in a bag, fresh grouper steamed in feta with clams, chorizo, potatoes, garbanzo beans and caldo verde, or the pasta jambalaya, Gulf shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage and fresh fettuccini tossed with roasted tomato cream sauce. Deconstructed entrées include grilled dry aged 1855 angus rib eye, braised short ribs and grilled American Wagyu sirloin.

Tender leg of lamb with a black truffle reduction and roasted pork with fresh sprigs of rosemary and a rosemary sauce are great choices.

Baked lobster mac and cheese is another offering on the menu. Yeah, you heard me. Chunks of succulent lobster with creamy cheesy baked goodness and a panko crumb topping. It's billed as a side, but it could easily stand in center stage.

Other sides include flavorful pinot noir braised mushrooms, country smashed potatoes and nicely charred grilled asparagus.

Desserts include decadent white chocolate malassadas with cinnamon sugar and vanilla bean crème anglaise. Positively the best take on mini donuts in Las Vegas. Sweet potato cheesecake, sorbet, and almost flourless bourbon chocolate cake are other options.

A refreshing take on crème brûlée has a citrusy lemon flavor with fruit compote on the bottom and is served with zested shortbread cookies.

Table 10 is casual-upscale dining at its best. General Manager Ki Song An orchestrates the front of the house in a clearly customer-oriented provision of service. A fusion of hip design and New Orleans, Emeril-style hospitality, Table 10 is sure to be a comfortable, smart place to dine.

Not to confuse Lagasse with Elton John, but regarding Table 10: The "Bam!" is Back.

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