Nine Fine Irishmen

  • New York - New York - 3790 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
  • Las Vegas, NV, 89109
  • 702-740-6463

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Monday: 11:00AM to 11:00PM
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Normally, a meal at a restaurant starts out with a few appetizers, an entrée, maybe a cocktail if you're so inclined. But at Nine Fine Irishmen in New York - New York Hotel and Casino, let's cut to the chase and go straight to dessert. In particular, bread and butter bread pudding.

Bread and butter bread pudding. If the name doesn't start your salivary glands flowing, then one taste should do the trick. Not for the faint of heart, the Nine Fine Irishmen version of this Irish treat is made with brioche bread and is richly coated in butter and served with Bushmill's Irish Whiskey cream sauce and a caramel sauce. In terms of size alone, this dessert would be ideal for sharing. . .but there's a good chance your table-mates might have to get their own.

Nine Fine Irishmen goes above and beyond a typical Irish pub and gives Las Vegas a little something extra.

While enjoying a glass of your favorite Irish brew, pair it with something from the lunch or dinner menu.

Highlights include an amazing honey baked brie with country crisps. The creamy, savory brie gives way to fragrant honey. Other options include crunchy beer battered fish and chips, shepherd's pie, roasted salmon with maple butter, and lobster and crab pot pie.

Goat cheese salad, bacon chopped salad, grilled steak salad and tomato stack are all green options.

Traditional Irish beverages are in no short supply at Nine Fine Irishmen. Guinness, Smithwick's, Jamesons, Bushmill's Whiskey, Bailey's, and Boru Vodka always stay flowing. Even the bottled water is brought over from Ireland.

Nine Fine Irishmen is unique to the Strip in several ways:

- The furnishings in the restaurant were all made in Ireland and shipped to Las Vegas.

- The traditional Irish fare is mixed with more sophisticated twists, thanks to Executive Chef Heberto Segura.

- The first floor has a large bar with an open floor plan while the second floor has more cozy, private rooms that, in a good way, remind you of a parlor room.

- The restaurant comes with a rich history about nine young Irishmen that were once sentenced to death. After escaping their sentence, these nine Irishmen became upstanding citizens not only in their native Ireland, but in the United States, Canada and Australia as well.

Don't get Nine Fine Irishmen confused with other Irish pubs. The 9,000-square-foot venue stands above the rest in size alone. But referring back to that something extra, Nine Fine Irishmen is not just a restaurant with excellent quality and well-done food, and not just a bar with an extensive beverage list, it's an experience. That Irish experience is what makes Nine Fine Irishmen worth visiting.

Even the finest bar of Irish Spring doesn't have anything on Nine Fine Irishmen.

-- Review by Nikki Neu

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