Huntridge Drug Store Restaurant

  • 1122 E. Charleston Blvd.
  • Las Vegas, NV, 89104
  • 702-384-3737


Average cost
$15 or less
Payment types accepted
Main Hours
Monday: 8:00AM to 3:30PM
Tuesday: 8:00AM to 3:30PM
Wednesday: 8:00AM to 3:30PM
Thursday: 8:00AM to 3:30PM
Friday: 8:00AM to 3:30PM
Saturday: 8:00AM to 3:30PM
Sunday: 9:00AM to 1:00PM
Reservations Optional


The historic Huntridge Pharmacy, open since 1962, features an old-fashioned soda fountain and a diner food menu with items under $10.

Breakfast choices include pancakes, French toast, eggs and breakfast burritos. Since you're in Vegas, try the Elvis cakes -- chocolate and peanut butter pancakes topped with sliced bananas.

For lunch you'll find salads, burgers, fries, onion rings, chili, soup and more. The namesake Huntridge Burger features grilled onions, mushrooms, steak sauce and cheese.

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