Las Vegas Swingers' Parties and Clubs

Sea Mountain One Love Temple
4660 Eastern Avenue
Finally, we can all go skinny dipping in Vegas without worrying about getting caught. Party naked at Sea Mountain One Love Temple in Vegas. This couples-only nude retreat is a hidden paradise that’s only five minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. The club offers three 24-hour clothing optional pools, a 24-hour Dharma Dance Club and all the delectable food and drinks you can indulge in. This alt lifestyle theme park sold us when we found out we could vacation in our birthday suits without the hoards of single dudes lurking about. Talk about a luxury rarely experienced. And just when we thought this place couldn’t get any better, the spa has been awarded Top Celebrity Secret by TMZ and VH1 and was featured in the LA Times as the ultimate sensual retreat in the USA.  Whether you want to party or go the relaxing route, make this Vegas trip your next nakation.

Fantasy Swingers Club 
935 E. Sahara Avenue, Suite B17
(702) 893-3977
Do you want to tell us your fantasy? Actually, rain check, let’s maybe keep that to ourselves. Something about mop buckets and maid outfits kinda freak us out. Different strokes, right? Whatever your steez, Fantasy Swingers Club is all about getting consenting adults to do what consenting adults do best: it. If you’re a consenting adult, this is the perfect place for you to get your “Pillow Talk” on. And after gettin’ finished with your sweat sesh, what better way to hydrate than with a pressed juice at their juice bar? This place literally thinks of everything, because hydration is totally key.  

The Green Door
953 E. Sahara Avenue, Suite B28
(702) 732-3794
There’s only one door that’s better than the back door, and we call it The Green Door in Vegas. To each their own though, we don’t judge. With the Orgy Room, The Dungeon and The Sexagon you can live out all of your deepest fantasies, no invitation or reservation required. Didn’t come prepared? Don’t worry about it – the space has a store for all the necessities. Sit back, relax and let your desires arise.

Red Rooster
6405 Greyhound Avenue
(702) 451-6661
Red Rooster got one thing right, and that’s how they poke their yolks. Get your thirst quenched at this swingers club that gives you the whole package. With their low-key attitude, you can BYOB and experience nightlife without all the crazy costs. Loosen up on the dance floor and then take your pick back to the Group Room for a little extra fun. If you’re a little bit shy, rent out a private room and try anything you’ve ever wanted. Here’s where the night begins, but where it will end is up to you.