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Celebrate Las Vegas Pride 2018

It’s that time of year, when mens’ fancy turns to other men, women remember why they date each other instead of those men and gender-non-conforming people of every identity do whatever makes them feel right because they’re awesome like that. It’s pride season in Las Vegas. Check back for more info on the parties, pools, parades and festivals for you to be yourself, have fun and do Vegas with pride.

Las Vegas Pride Events

Las Vegas PRIDE Parade
 Oct. 19, 2018
Where: Downtown Las Vegas
Cost: Free

The most epic and exciting event during PRIDE. The parade heads up 4th Street in the Las Vegas Arts District and ends at Ogden Ave. just past the Fremont Street Experience. Crowds line the street throughout the route, but the real party is at Fremont Street. That’s where people cheer the loudest, smile the brightest and make everyone participating in the parade feel like royalty.

PRIDE Festival
Oct. 20-21, 2018.
Where: Sunset Park at 2601 E. Sunset Road
Cost: $10 (adult, 18 and older).

The PRIDE Festival is where everyone comes together to celebrate, educate and express who they are. The festival features more than 100 exhibits, booths and vendors representing the Las Vegas LGBTQ and Ally communities, special performances, a family activity zone and lots of food and drinks including Bud Light and mixed cocktails.

Other events include:

PRIDE Pool Parties

PRIDE Family Bingo