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4th of July 2018

You might think that Vegas has enough lights in the sky, but the city celebrates the 4th of July every year with spectacular fireworks displays and celebrations, lighting every corner of the Las Vegas Valley. It's also prime pool season in July so the 4th is a great time to hit up one of the city's many pool clubs where the hottest DJs are sure to be spinning.

July 4th 2017 Events

Plaza Hotel & Casino

It wouldn’t be 4th of July in Las Vegas without a little pew pew action – aka fireworks for all our fellow drunks. On July 1 The Plaza Hotel & Casino is lighting up the downtown sky with so much color that even the glitter fairy will be jealous. This also comes at the time of Plaza’s one year anniversary – so you know it’s going to be big. They’re throwin’ it back old school with ‘80s tribute band Flashbax and a BBQ fresh off the grill. Grab a cocktail, head up to the rooftop pool and watch American pride erupt all over the downtown Las Vegas skyline.

Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas

It’s Fourth of July in Las Vegas and there’s only one way to celebrate it - backyard BBQ y’all (we’re trying to set the mood here). Beer Park at Paris Las Vegas is throwing a four day BBQ filled with booze buckets, meat sticks and boom boom pow fireworks. That’s right; you don’t have to go to the middle of the desert to see them light up the night sky. And to add to the bang, they have life-sized Jenga, shuffleboard and connect four for all those who love a good healthy competition – subject to change after a few brewskis. It’s time to get yer ‘Murica on at Beer Park.

Flamingo GO Pool at Flamingo 

We locals know that Fourth of July is hotter than a firecracker exploding in your pants. So, to avoid a repeat of last year’s incident we’re going to defuse the situation by celebrating the country’s birthday poolside. Flamingo GO Pool is cooling off the holiday with a party that will be better than any explosion. On July 1, they’re bringing out 8ky, from LMFAO, to drop some sick beats while you forget about the heat. Drink everything in sight, it’s time to celebrate the most patriotic day of the year.

Garden of the Gods pool at Caesars Palace

Although tattooing America on our chest and pounding on it like Tarzan sounds appealing for the Fourth of July, there’s also different ways to celebrate our dearest Lady Liberty. Become one with Mother Earth during the Silent Savasana yoga event at Garden of the Gods pool on July 1. Center your chi at Caesars Palace instead of turning into a vicious, raging lunatic. Because the event is early, you’ll still have time to join us for the chest pounding ceremony later. Or you could just chillax at the pool after your calming session with the earth – choose wisely, America depends on it.

Pleasure Pools at Planet Hollywood

If you have a pool contraption named the Flowrider, you don’t need much liquid courage to swim into uncharted territories. Thank youuu, Planet Hollywood. But that’s not the main attraction – so bro up because they’re making a splash with their yearly cornhole tournament on July 1. We don’t know about you, but this brings us back to the good ol’ college days. So if you’re good at holding and throwing sacks in a hole – sign up and let the fun begin, matching brotanks optional.

The LINQ Promenade 

Being sober and hanging out with the fambam could be fun, but why not throw a beer in a koozie and make it better? We’re Vegas.com and we approve this message. So on July 1 or 2, grab a beer at ameriCAN and lineup for the Fourth of July parade down on the LINQ Promenade. After that, enjoy some PG action with face painters, caricature artists and stilt walkers from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. After 6 p.m., the kiddie carpet rolls back and the adult playground opens up with live entertainment from Gloria Vivelo on Saturday and Thrillbilly on Sunday. But that isn’t even the main attraction, so hop onboard the High Roller on Sunday, July 2 at 9 p.m. and as you get to the top you’ll see the fireworks go off at Caesars Palace with the best view on The Strip.

Rehab at Hard Rock Hotel

P. Diddy in the hizz-ouse! The O.G. bad boy for life is coming to Rehab Beach Club on July 1 and we’re about to lose it. Like, what better way to party for America’s birthday than to be less than 50 feet from him? His clothing and liquor brand is on point, his producing skills gave us Notorious BIG and his music shot him to the tippy top. So let’s kick it this weekend, old school style because he’s about to throw the ultimate mic drop bash.

Pool Club Tips

Las Vegas is known for its raucous pool clubs. During the summer you’ll discover no shortage of hot parties (both in temperature and popularity) making big splashes in the Entertainment Capital of the World. Although each one offers a slightly different experience, expect to be enveloped in an adult-oriented water playground of fun where the alcohol flows freely, the music pounds out from the speakers and scantily clad bodies dance the afternoon away. If you’re considering bringing a book or basking in a tranquil setting, think again. Pool clubs are loud and often rowdy. Here are some other things you should keep in mind.

Carry proof of ID
Pool clubs are just like nightclubs. Upon entry you’ll have to show a doorman that you’re of legal age (21 or older). A driver’s license, passport or government-issued identification card is usually acceptable.

Don’t bring a cooler
Leave all beverages and snacks in your room. Although it may seem like a handy and cost-saving idea to pack some supplies for the afternoon, don’t bother. You won’t be allowed to bring them past the door. Generally speaking, all refreshments must be purchased at the pool club.

Expect to have anything you do bring (especially purses, bags and backpacks) searched 
This won’t happen at every pool club, but it’s common at the ones that accommodate a large number of revelers. Security personnel at the door will examine every nook and cranny within your belongings. Not even the TSA goes to such extremes! The goal behind this is to keep illegal drugs out. So among the items prohibited and typically confiscated are over-the-counter medications (such as a bottle of Tylenol), vitamins or anything in pill form. An array of liquids – ranging from contact lens solution and eye drops to hand sanitizer – are also banned. Of course, sharp objects and anything that looks like a weapon will be taken from you. You may even have to give up things like a pack of gum or wet-naps.

Come early
The line for guests to purchase general admission tickets can be long, especially on weekends. Clearly, you’ll want to spend your day socializing by the pool – not waiting to get in. Plus, those who arrive at the beginning can spread their towels and lay claim to prime spots on the deck or near the water’s edge. At some dayclubs you’ll even be rewarded for showing up when the doors open with a lounge chair at no cost.

Avoid the line entirely by reserving a cabana
Procuring seating in advance – whether it be a chaise lounge, daybed, lilypad, cabana or bungalow – will speed up your entry at the pool clubs. In addition, if you’re traveling in a group of guys, you really need to make some sort of VIP arrangement to expedite your entrance…or get some ladies to join you while you wait in line! Although pricey, cabanas, in particular, are great because they come equipped with luxuries like a flat-screen TV, a mini fridge stocked with bottled water and a safe for your valuables – all of which will make your afternoon more enjoyable and worry-free.

Be mindful of money
Since you’re trying to limit the number of possessions you bring to the pool club, what should you do about cash? You can’t get it wet and you won’t want to leave it unwatched with your other things. Waterproof armbands, wallets or small pouches worn around the neck are a few ideas. Instead of coins and notes, credit and debit cards are handy when you want to run a tab. At some pool clubs, ATMs are in the bars or just a short stroll away inside the casino. At others, like Wet Republic in MGM Grand, there are banks of lockers for guests to use. And it works to your benefit to patronize the pool club located in your hotel because then you can just charge everything to your room.

Keep yourself hydrated with water
It’s no secret that the heat in the desert can rise to uncomfortable levels. In fact, the average summer temperature in Las Vegas is 106° F. Taking a few seconds throughout the day to sip water will pay off by lowering your risk of passing out or suffering from heat stroke.

Bring sunscreen and apply it regularly
If you forget, most pool clubs do sell it. Get one with an SPF of at least 30. The best sunscreens have zinc oxide or titanium dioxide listed among their active ingredients. Be sure to reapply it often if you’re swimming or sweating a lot. Those who aren’t careful are sure to regret it later – due to a painful, unsightly sunburn.

Wear a hat and sunglasses
A hat with a wide brim is a good choice. You’ll look mysterious. All the Hollywood stars do it – especially the fair-skinned ones like Anne Hathaway and Nicole Kidman. You’ll also want to protect your eyes, as too much sunlight can lead to vision problems and dizziness. Wraparound shades or sunglasses that have UV coating are your best bets.

Wait until later to get hammered!
Got big plans for the evening? If you don’t hold back a little at the pool clubs – particularly when it comes to drinking – you won’t be going out later. You’ll be passed out in your room instead. Have fun and enjoy a few cocktails, but wait until the sun sets to get really slammed in Las Vegas’ world-class nightclubs.

Two more bonus tips…

For the ladies: Put on your trendiest, most stylish swimwear…the sexier the better. You’ll want to look your best and strut your stuff when you’re poolside. Behind their dark sunglasses, men will be taking notice – and perhaps buying you drinks!

For the gentlemen: If you’re at one of the city’s “European” pool clubs, which means that tops are optional for women, don’t gawk or leer or resort to catcalling. And don’t try to take any photographs with a camera or your cell phone. You’ll not only be paid a visit from security, but you may also be asked to leave.