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  • Are football, basketball, baseball, hockey and boxing the only sports you can bet on?

No, you can bet on tennis, golf, auto racing, etc. Each casino is different in what they offer. There also are future and proposition bets that you can make.

Futures -- Bets on events that are well in advance. Examples are the Super Bowl, World Series, Kentucky Derby, NBA championship, NHL Stanley Cup, etc.

Propositions -- These are special bets that attach themselves to special events. An example of a proposition bet: Who will score the first touchdown in the Super Bowl? Odds are displayed in the sports books for all these. They are simple to read if you understand how betting works on other sports.

  • What is the minimum bet for any sporting event.

Depends on the casino. $5 or $10. On Parlay cards you can bet a minimum of $2.

  • Why is there a point spread and a money line in hockey?

Hockey is a unique game, in that it often ends in a tie. Sports books learned early that this can be very annoying. Refunding ties is very time consuming. They list most teams as 1/2 goal favorites to avoid this scenario. The money line is still used because sometimes giving a team a 1/2 goal can be an advantage. In the playoffs, there must be a winner. Therefore all hockey games are usually "pick" and just have a money line.

  • What happens when a boxing match ends in a draw?

Every bet offered to the public must have a winner that could be bet on. Sports books cannot take in money on both sides and claim that nobody wins. A straight bet between two fighters will result in a refund if the fight ends in a draw.

Be Careful:

  • Some casinos will offer a three-way straight bet with draw being included. Example:

Holyfield -155
Lewis +135
Draw 3-1

In this case you would lose because the book gave you a chance to bet a draw.

A more common form is when the book offers proposition bets that have a draw listed. If the fight ends in a draw and you picked a fighter on the proposition bet, then you lose.


Holyfield by knockout 2-1
Holyfield by decision 4-1
Lewis by knockout 3-1
Lewis by decision 2-1
draw 5-1