Futures for the NBA Championship

If you were to ask us what our favorite word is, the conversation would somehow revolve around “basketball,” “sportsbetting” or “betting.” We can’t get enough of the nba around here (hence our favorite words). And while we’re on the subject, can someone please tell the league that Las Vegas needs a team?! Until then (and especially when) that glorious day arrives, you can find all things related to our favorite words right here, including NBA, NBA playoffs and NBA Finals sportsline futures.


National Basketball League
2018 - 2019 NBA Championship
Updated Aug. 3, 2018
Atlanta500/1 --
Boston6/1 --
Brooklyn1000/1 --
Charlotte500/1 --
Denver150/1 --
Detroit250/1 --
Golden State2/3 --
Houston7/1 --
Indiana125/1 --
L.A. Clippers500/1 --
L.A. Lakers8/1 --
Memphis500/1 --
Milwaukee100/1 --
Minnesota250/1 --
New Orleans100/1 --
New York200/1 --
Oklahoma City40/1--
Orlando500/1 --
Philadelphia12/1 --
Phoenix500/1 --
Portland150/1 --
Sacramento1000/1 --
San Antonio50/1 --
Toronto16/1 --
Utah66/1 --
Washington100/1 --