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Launch of Studio Vegas Creates New Entertainment Dimension for City

New Motion Picture and Television Studio to Innovate Vegas Tourism

LAS VEGAS - The launch of Studio Vegas, a new, motion picture and television studio, marks the start of an innovative, multi-platform future for Vegas tourism. Studio Vegas provides financing, production, creative, and distribution services, by working with local production facilities to provide staff and workspace for top producers and directors working in Las Vegas.

"We have a set of the Vegas Strip actual size - Who else can say that?" says Howard Lefkowitz, president of Studio Vegas. Studio Vegas is not your typical backlot with rows of sound stages. "There is an expansive, multi-billion dollar sound stage that no studio can duplicate right at our fingertips."

In addition to these core services, Studio Vegas offers unique cross-promotional opportunities through its media partners.

As a subsidiary of the Greenspun Corporation, Studio Vegas will utilize Greenspun media outlets, such as the tourist guide Showbiz Weekly and the successful travel site VEGAS.com, to cross-promote events being filmed in the city. Both Studio Vegas and Vegas.com will fall under the direction of Lefkowitz, who served as the president of the telemedia subsidiary of the Home Shopping Network (HSN) and worked independently for ABC, NBC, CBS, Twentieth Century Fox, MCA/Universal and Warner Bros., before becoming vice president of Internet Marketing for EarthLink.

According to Lefkowitz, Studio Vegas' multi-platform interactivity with entities like VEGAS.com will serve not only as an added value for its partners but also as a unique way to expand the local economy, while continuing the promotion of tourism from the mass media awareness through this transaction.

"By tying together television and film with a travel platform, Studio Vegas will be uniquely positioned to create added awareness for the city while fulfilling the travel requirements of our visitors, and in doing so, bring a different and expanded audience to Vegas," Lefkowitz said.

Studio Vegas is actively seeking "housekeeping" deals with top talent from the motion picture and television community, through which Studio Vegas will be the partner in all aspects of television and film development.

The first of those deals is with acclaimed executive producer/creator Rick Garson. Studio Vegas will work with Garson to produce the 2004 Las Vegas New Year's Eve Special on FOX, to air live from multiple Strip locations on the Fox network, and a new reality show currently in the works.

Garson, the creative mind behind events like FOX's America's Party, the Billboard Music Awards, the Blockbuster Awards and the Rolling Stones' Steel Wheels Pay-per-view, will also work with Studio Vegas to incorporate a performance from Vegas into the broadcast of the World Music Awards from Monaco.

"Vegas has an energy that cannot be matched, and Studio Vegas is making it possible for us to build and share that energy with the world and bring the world to Vegas," says Garson. It could be the lights, the amazing shows, the hot clubs -- whatever 'it' is, our culture is fascinated with the Entertainment Capital of the World and wants to see more.

Dave Kirvin/Christine Skorupski, Kirvin Doak Communications: (702) 737-3100

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