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Themed Weddings in Las Vegas

Vegas is the capital of weird, wild and wacky weddings. Where else can you have Elvis escort you down the aisle, ride into the chapel on a Harley Davidson, get married beach-party style or have your wedding attendants dress like mobsters? If you're coming to Vegas to get married, why not have a little fun? Check out our links to find out more about some of the most popular themed wedding ceremonies available in Las Vegas.

Featured Themed Weddings in Las Vegas

Elvis weddings

Elvis WeddingsLas Vegas is known for a lot of things -- weddings and Elvis being two of the big ones -- so what better theme to choose for your wedding than an Elvis ceremony? Elvis himself chose to tie the knot with Priscilla here in Vegas in 1967 during an eight-minute ceremony at the original Aladdin Hotel, now known as Planet Hollywood.

Since Planet Hollywood has that distinct honor, of course it offers an Elvis wedding package. You can be married and serenaded by Elvis.

Elvis impersonators at the wedding chapels vary in their approach. Some pick up the couples in limousines, a few have arrived at the chapel riding a four-seat tandem bicycle with the wedding couple, and almost all of them sing.

The Elvis/Blue Hawaii package at the Viva Las Vegas Chapel has an Elvis chapel with Elvis memorabilia, Hawaiian sets and props and, of course, a Priscilla impersonator.

Cupid's Wedding Chapel offers a chance to renew your vows with the King. Elvis will perform your ceremony, entertain you with three songs and pose for photographs.

If you're a real Elvis fanatic, why not have Elvis walk you down the aisle? The Silver Bell Wedding Chapel offers that and more. Elvis will sing three songs and you'll receive a satin scarf as a souvenir -- just like the ones Elvis was famous for handing out at his concerts.

At A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, the King can entertain you and your guests for one hour at the chapel's reception center. Or how about the "Aloha Las Vegas" package where Elvis and the Hula Girls will sing and dance four songs?

Since 1992, Elvis impersonator Jesse Garon of Elvis of Las Vegas has married couples in various chapels, serenaded and danced for wedding parties as well as taken visitors for a drive in his pink Cadillac down the Las Vegas Strip. Garon has appeared on shows and networks including "The Tonight Show," "Regis and Kelly," HBO and E! Entertainment Television, to name a few. 

And finally, what would the Graceland Wedding Chapel be without an Elvis ceremony? Graceland was the first chapel to specialize in Elvis themes 25 years ago. The King's Package provides an Elvis to entertain at your wedding or perform renewal ceremonies.

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: Planet Hollywood Hotel Chapel, Silver Bell Wedding Chapel, Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Graceland Wedding Chapel, A Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, Cupid's Wedding Chapel, A Hollywood Wedding Chapel, Shalimar Wedding Chapel, Elvis of Las Vegas. For more information on these chapels, visit the guide to wedding chapels.

Alternative Weddings

There are several wedding chapels in Las Vegas that will perform commitment ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples. Although not legally recognized as a marriage in Nevada, gay partners can still enjoy a ceremony with the same amenities that many traditional wedding services offer. In lieu of a marriage license, most chapels will provide couples with a certificate commemorating the event.

The Gay Chapel of Las Vegas is the city's only gay-owned-and-operated ceremony chapel. The chapel can accommodate up to 100 guests. Couples can choose from many themed wedding packages including beach party, disco, Egyptian, Gothic or Elvis Blue Hawaii wedding. Services are available including limousines, flowers, photography and video services.

Eternal Hope Ministry conducts alternative lifestyle ceremonies in English or Spanish. You can choose the location of the ceremony such as a chapel or in the privacy of your own hotel room. Arrangements can be made for champagne, flowers, cake and an Elvis-themed ceremony.

The Silver Bell Wedding Chapel offers different packages for commitment ceremonies. Services available include photos, video, flowers, music and more.

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: Cupid's Wedding Chapel, Silver Bell Wedding Chapel, Gay Chapel of Las Vegas, Eternal Hope Ministry. For more information on these chapels, visit the guide to wedding chapels.

Drive-thru weddings

If you're already an on-the-go type of couple, then why not commemorate your big day with a drive-thru wedding chapel ceremony? Share your vows in the luxury of your car. The trend started with The Little White Wedding Chapel's Tunnel of Love Drive-Thru in the '90s. This feature was initially meant for the disabled, making it easier to get hitched without leaving the car. Now, the window is open to everyone. For a fee, you can even swap your wheels for a pink Cadillac and an Elvis at the window. Amenities include a bouquet, boutonniere, photos and a ceremony DVD.

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: The Little White Wedding Chapel. For more information, click here.

KISS weddings

All the world's a stage, and now you can get married on one during your own personal KISS rock concert. Think guitar picks instead of rose petals, smoke effects, theatrical lights and a Gene Simmons impersonator as your officiant. Your wedding is guaranteed to be "Hotter Than Hell."

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: KISS by Monster Mini Golf. For more information, click here.

Weddings at Denny's

Weddings at Denny'sNewlyweds are sure to be moons over their hammy for this one: Denny's in Downtown Las Vegas is stepping things up -- not only can you enjoy delicious eggs and pancakes around the clock, but you can get hitched at the 64,000-square-foot restaurant on Fremont Street. This is the first Denny's in the world with weddings on its menu.

Like the diner, this chapel will be available 24 hours a day. 

And what's a wedding reception without a celebration toast? This location also offers a full-service bar. Add-ons include wedding cakes made of Denny's Pancake Puppies as well as an interactive photo booth. 

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: Denny's at Neonopolis. Find out more about it here.

Eiffel Tower weddings

In Vegas, it's all about the romance. The best thing about it is you don't have to fly internationally to say "I do." The Paris package gives the option of being married atop the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. The ceremony takes place on the 50th-story outdoor observation desk. Video recording begins from the moment you enter the glass elevator until you ride back down. Multiple amenities are available, including live music by a guitarist or pianist, suite package, photography and spa passes. 

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: Paris Las Vegas. For more information on packages, services and office hours click here

Mobile weddings

Did someone order a special delivery? Not to be confused with drive-thru weddings, mobile weddings actually come to you. Whether you want to say "I do" in front of the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" Sign or in the beautiful natural settings at Red Rock Canyon, couples can have the ceremony virtually anywhere. You can even get married inside your hotel room!

Las Vegas Wedding Wagon offers weddings, renewals and commitment ceremonies starting at just $129, which includes minister fees, photos and even a witness. While public places tend to have heavy foot traffic, the planners do their best to accommodate for this fun, unique and affordable Vegas experience. The only thing you'll need to do is get your marriage license from the Clark County Marriage Bureau ($60) before the ceremony.

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: Las Vegas Wedding Wagon. For more information, click here.

Gondola weddings

gondola weddingsWhat could be more romantic than a wedding in Venice? The Venetian has a respectable replica of the city's canals and not only can you take a cruise in a gondola you also can get married in one, too. The Cerimonia Sul'Aqua weddings take place in an authentic Italian gondola large enough for the bride, groom, witness and minister.

Features of the gondola wedding ceremony include a singing gondolier, bridal bouquet, photos and a groom's boutonniere. With a ceremony this romantic, you'll feel like you've been transported to Italy. You'll want the gondola moment to last forever.

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: The Venetian hotel-casino, Lake Las Vegas. For more information on The Venetian's wedding packages and services, click here.

"Welcome to Las Vegas" sign weddings

Located on the Las Vegas Strip just south of Mandalay Bay, the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign serves as a photo opportunity tradition for visitors. In 2009 (50 years after its opening ), the sign finally made it to the National Register of Historic Places. So what better way to celebrate than in front of one of the city's most iconic locations? Your wedding planner and/or hotel concierge can help arrange a ceremony at this popular destination.

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: Multiple locations, including The Las Vegas Wedding Company.

Neon Boneyard weddings

When you met one another your hearts went pitter-patter so say your "I Do's" next to vintage signs in the Neon Museum and Boneyard. The signs at the museum have stood the test of time, and so will your marriage!

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: The Neon Museum and Boneyard.

Underwater weddings

Ready to dive right into a lifetime of wedded bliss? Look no further than the 117,000-gallon Silverton Aquarium. If you're scuba certified, you can say "I Do" underwater with mermaids as your bridesmaids and 4,000 sharks, stingrays and tropical fish as your witnesses. Plus, the hotel throws in one-night accommodations, officiate services, photos, DJ, rehearsal dinner and reception (all on dry land) as part of the package.

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: The Silverton.

Lucky number wedding dates

The phrase "getting lucky in Las Vegas" takes a whole new meaning with numerically-themed wedding dates. Dates like 7-7-07, 10-10-10 and 12-12-12 have been especially popular. Other dates sure to be a hit include 11-12-13 and 12-13-14.

So what is it about these "numerically interesting dates" that caused such a buzz? Couples love to celebrate their biggest day with memorable dates. And since Las Vegas and lucky numbers go hand-in-hand, these special dates make a winning combination.

What companies offer these ceremonies /services: Typically, all hotel chapels and free-standing chapels in town offer packages.