LGBTQ wedding ceremonies

Many chapels in Las Vegas, from small establishments to big hotel accommodations, perform same-sex ceremonies. And any one that doesn't isn't worth your time or money anyway. Whether you're registering for a Nevada domestic partnership, you're legally married in another state or you're just holding a commitment ceremony to celebrate your love in front of your closest allies, Las Vegas is still the marriage capital of the world – and that means for everyone!

We've got the Gay Chapel of Las Vegas, the city's first and only gay-owned-and-operated wedding chapel. They offer a long list of theme options from traditional (like Elegance or Forevermore), to eccentric (like Egyptian, Gothic or Rock-a-billy), to extreme (like Graveyard, Intergalactic or Camelot).

Eternal Hope Ministry conducts nondenominational commitment ceremonies in English and Spanish. Enjoy your special day at their chapel or bring the party back to your hotel room. They can even make arrangements for champagne, flowers and cake.

And spots like the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel, Cupid's Wedding Chapel, and Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel all support the community by offering commitment ceremonies in a variety of themes and packages.

As the laws change, this list is likely to grow. So while you're eagerly watching the courts and the country, remember to book your wedding or commitment ceremony early.