Top 10 Shows

With so many productions on and off the Las Vegas Strip, it can be difficult to pick which show is right for you and your budget. Las Vegas offers such a variety of live entertainment, finding a show isn't the hard part. It's finding the one that you'll hopefully enjoy the most. Below are some our favorite Vegas shows.

Cirque du Soleil OO Cirque du Soleil at Bellagio
There's a reason this show still sells out. "O Cirque du Soleil" is one of those shows that once you've seen it, nothing can match it. It redefined the theater experience with water on stage and gasp-inducing acrobatics. "O" can only be seen in Las Vegas, and with 85 performers and 150 stage hands, it contains imaginative, yet seemingly impossible images. It can be thought of as a living representation of a Salvador Dali or Vladimir Kush painting. The complex combination of infinitely flowing movement from the performers at all times during the show creates an ever-evolving work of art accented by lighting special effects and an innovative soundtrack performed by an ensemble of live musicians and singers. Of course, we love all the Cirque shows, but if we had to pick one, "O" would be our must see.

Celine Dion at Caesars Palace
It says a lot when a single performer can redefine an entire show genre. With no other performers on stage, Celine took up the Elvis mantle and carries the show by herself. She performs her repertoire of hits and a collection of songs from other artists, including Billy Joel and Ella Fitzgerald. The Grammy Award-winning artist performs with 31 musicians who make up an orchestra and band. A stunning light and video display acts as a backdrop for Celine, and at one point, she even sings "How Do You Keep the Music Playing," a duet she performs with a hologram of herself. Even audience members who are not big fans are wowed by her performance.

Terry Fator at the Mirage
Terry Fator is considered the greatest illusionist on the Las Vegas Strip, but you'll never see him perform any magic tricks. He's a fantastic impressionist, especially considering he's barely moving his lips. He amazes audiences with spot-on singing in the voices of famous entertainers like Elvis, Cher, Ella Fitzgerald and more without moving his lips, and that's not all. Along with being a singer and a celebrity impressionist, Fator is a puppeteer. His face may not move much during his show, but his hands are always in action, bringing to life his cast of lovable puppet co-stars.

AbsintheAbsinthe at Caesars Palace
"Absinthe," described by some as naughty, racy and over-the-top, has amazing performers and personalities. It's a variety show that manages to tap into burlesque. The show, held in a large white tent in front of Caesars Palace, is an adults-only, circus-style spectacular that combines old-world burlesque with specialty acts and outrageous comedy. "Absinthe" is hosted by The Gazillionaire, who wears an ill-fitting white tuxedo and spits out profanities at the audience. The cast is willing to poke fun at the more traditional Cirque shows and doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Le Rêve - The Dream at Wynn Las Vegas
"Le Rêve" is a water show that depicts a colorful aquatic wonderland of beautiful and mystifying characters inside a circular theater with a pool as the main stage. Gymnasts, aerialists and synchronized swimmers appear from every angle, at times ascending from the water, descending from the high arched ceiling or running through the theater and alongside the audience. While the performers dazzle the audience on stage, in the air and from the water, 16 scuba divers aid performers underwater. What really makes this show great is that it is always improving itself. And if you are scuba certified, you could always view the show from beneath the surface.

Jersey Boys at Paris Las Vegas
When you see "Jersey Boys," it's like you are actually watching the Four Seasons. The cast brings to life the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, with such songs as "Big Girls Don't Cry," "Sherry" and "Walk Like a Man." The musical tells the story of the 1950s blue-collar group's rise to stardom. Each of the Four Seasons takes a turn telling their side of the story and it becomes clear that while their voices fit together in perfect harmony, their distinct personalities and lives were a sharp contrast to their symphonic sound. The compelling story, combined with riveting performances and endearing music, reiterates why The Four Seasons are a truly timeless act. Few shows manage to cross generational lines so easily.

Penn & Teller at Rio
Magic and Vegas are synonymous, and other than Sin City icons Siegfried and Roy, no other duo has risen to such a level. One of the best parts of their act is when they explain the magic trick (a magician no-no), but they throw in a twist, and you still have no idea how they did it! The tall, lanky Penn serves as a narrator, providing a running comedic commentary on just about everything they do, while the diminutive Teller provides a lot of the show's action, all without saying a single word. The show relies heavily on audience interaction and folks from the audience are chosen to be part of some tricks and to help confirm the authenticity of others.

Boyz II MenBoyz II Men at The Mirage
The three remaining members of Boyz II Men know how to work a room and connect with the audience. The Boyz from Philly sing their greatest hits, including "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday," "One Sweet Day" and "End of the Road." The dynamic trio woos the ladies with flowers toward the end of their show. Arms wrapped around large bouquets, a cappella singers Shawn Stockman, Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris hand red roses to women rushing the stage as they sing "I'll Make Love to You." The crooners, who engage the audience with humor, also pay tribute to Motown with a cover of several classic hits in a fun number complete with gold Motown jackets and coordinated moves, à la Motown greats, The Temptations.

Human Nature at the Venetian
Another Motown act that we really enjoyed is Australian vocalists Human Nature. The group performs many Motown's favorites, including "Baby I Need Your Loving" and "I Heard It Through the Grapevine." They've even put out a chart-topping Motown tribute album, "Reach Out," that went platinum five times. This attracted the attention of Smokey Robinson, who recorded "Get Ready" with them.

Blue Man Group at Monte Carlo
If you're looking for avant garde, no language barrier, kooky, weird and visually stimulating, "Blue Man Group" is it. Not only has the group invaded the media – including amusing references in TV show "Arrested Development" -- they have invaded our hearts here in Las Vegas. The audience just loves their show. The Blue Men combine theatrics, art, music and science to create an interactive, wild and percussion-driven experience full of humor and energy.

Honorable Mentions
There's a reason Las Vegas is the "Entertainment Capital of the World." We have so many great shows that narrowing them down to a Top 10 was difficult. These shows just missed our lists.