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National Basketball Association
Time   Caesars-
Oct. 19 Boston
12:05 p.m.  at Brooklyn
Favorite     NJN  
Point spread -2½
Total     179o/u  
Total money line     -110  

Oct. 19 Minnesota
4:05 p.m.  at Oklahoma City
Favorite OKL   OKL  
Point spread -3½ -4½
Total 206½o/u   206½o/u  
Total money line -110   -110  

Oct. 19 Charlotte
5:05 p.m.  at Chicago
Favorite CHI   CHI  
Point spread -5½ -5½
Total 186½o/u   186½o/u  
Total money line -110   -110  

Oct. 19 Golden State
5:05 p.m.  at Houston
Favorite HOU   HOU  
Point spread -4 -3½
Total 208o/u   207½o/u  
Total money line -110   -110  

Oct. 19 Utah
6:35 p.m.  at L.A. Lakers
Favorite UTH   UTH  
Point spread -5 -4½
Total 201½o/u   202½o/u  
Total money line -110   -110  

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