Las Vegas Betting Futures

Whether you are a tourist or a local, chances are you'll place a bet at one of Las Vegas' many race and sports books. From the craziness of the NCAA Basketball Championship to the Super Bowl and the World Series, there's always a sporting event on which to wager in Las Vegas.

While Las Vegas has more than 100 race and sports book to choose from, you may want to get an idea of the odds before you come. While the final betting line gets posted closer to the event, sportsline futures give you an idea of what the early odds are.

Sportsline Futures For Major Sport Events

World Series Odds on who will win the World Series
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AL Pennant Odds on who will win the American League pennant
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NL Pennant Odds on who will win the National League pennant
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Super Bowl Get the odds on which team will win the Super Bowl
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NBA Championship Get the odds on who will win the NBA championship
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Featured Futures Sportsline

Major League Baseball
2015 World Series
Updated Jan. 19, 2015
Detroit12/1 20/1
N.Y. Yankees24/1 25/1
San Francisco20/1 20/1
Texas29/1 50/1
Washington7/1 5/1
Los Angeles Angels12/1 10/1
Philadelphia110/1 300/1
St. Louis12/1 14/1
Cincinnati35/1 70/1
Atlanta24/1 60/1
Los Angeles Dodgers7/1 13/2
Tampa Bay35/1 75/1
Boston29/1 14/1
Arizona110/1 120/1
Baltimore24/1 20/1
Milwaukee35/1 60/1
Oakland20/1 60/1
Chicago White Sox45/1 20/1
Pittsburgh24/1 30/1
Toronto35/1 30/1
Seattle24/1 14/1
Miami45/1 30/1
New York Mets35/1 25/1
San Diego45/1 25/1
Minnesota110/1 100/1
Chicago Cubs45/1 14/1
Cleveland24/1 25/1
Colorado110/1 120/1
Kansas City20/1 25/1
Houston110/1 60/1