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2016 Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas

Vegas is home to the biggest celebration for electronic dance music lovers, EDC – Electric Daisy Carnival. More than 300,000 revelers head to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in June for the festival, which features art, carnival rides, circus-style performances and all of the top EDM DJs. More information about Las Vegas' 2016 EDC – Electric Daisy Carnival will be added as it becomes available.

EDC - Electric Daisy Carnival - 2016 Tips

Are you excited? We're so excited. We are ready to freak the funk out at EDC Las Vegas. And we hope our editors note that we said fuNk. We’re trying to be good so they don’t take away our EDC tickets. As long as we’re clutching them tighter than the outfit we’re wearing to the show – it’s gonna be sick yo – we’ll hook you up with some advanced info just to get your juices flowing. It’s a tease only, for now. But keep an owl’s eye out for more excitement as we get closer to EDC Las Vegas 2016.


Yeah you really should have these by now. If not, get ready to rue something; rue it like you’ve never rued something before – because you probably haven’t because who the hell rues things anymore. General Admission tickets are gone. They’re gone like that girl in that movie… Twilight. Did we miss the point of that story? But VIP tickets are still available through the EDC site. They aren’t cheap. As of the moment we’re sitting here typing this they’re at $750ish. 

For that price you’ll get super views from elevated decks, you can get body painted all up and down your bad self and you can jump in a freaking ball pit. Plus there are free drinks and food. And of course you get access to all the amazing music and sights that EDC has to behold. That’s pretty much worth the price tag right there. But that ball pit!


If you’ve been a good little freaker and already have your tickets, or if you just clicked over and bought them after we warned you how few are left, you’ll need some good tips to make the most of the weekend. First off, pace yourself. There’s a lot to do and plenty of time to do it. It’ll be hot. It’ll be crowded. And people will get overwhelmed. That brings us to one point you might not get from other sites.

There’s a movie called “Groove” that every raver should see. In it a character utters a line that we want you all to remember: “Eat dinner, then take drugs.” It’s right after she gives a banana to someone super tweaking out on the floor. And the point is to not overindulge on an empty stomach.

Everyone tells you to stay hydrated, and you absolutely should do that. But stay energized too – energy drinks do not count. You’ll be walking, dancing, maybe even hanging off somebody while they try to remember how their life ever felt complete before they had you in their arms. You need calories to burn. Ideally, of course, you just shouldn’t take drugs. But we’re not naïve. Be safe and know your body’s requirements and limits.


You’re going to need a place to stay. We know that partying nonstop for three days sounds good in a Tumblr rant. But you’re not actually going to do it. And deep down you know that. Hell, we’re party goddesses and we’ve only ever successfully gone non-stop for 52 hours. Don’t compare yourself to us. If you’re looking for something right near the speedway then you should have booked like a year ago. Some rooms are left and we know a guy who’s still renting his tree fort despite being booted off Airbnb.

Your best bet is a hotel closer to the Las Vegas Strip or downtown. Lots of rooms are still available and the prices haven’t shot up that much. They will. Be aware of that. If you don’t have a room yet you should get one soon. Of course there are lots of other places in town you could stay that won’t be as pricey as on the Strip, but the reason to go for the Strip is coming up in three… two… one…


Oh let’s just hop in our car and drive up to EDC, it’ll be fine. Listen up, hopeful Harry. Parking at an event of this size is always cray to the zee. Since EDC is already bananas, it pretty much makes parking there a crazy banana cake of waiting in lines and trying to remember where the hell your car is. We’re not saying don’t do it, we’re just pointing out that Premier Parking is sold out, valet parking is $20 a day and general parking has some restrictions like no drinking, sleeping in your car or loitering. Bummer.

But, if you’re on the Strip or downtown, you can hop a shuttle from any of several hotels and be carried away – and more importantly back from – EDC in relative style. Shuttle times vary but there are enough options that buying an all-day pass will leave you plenty of possibilities should you want to stay long or, party goddesses forbid, leave early. But why worry about all that when helicopters exist?

Maverick Helicopters will fly you out there and back for $800 a seat. Or you and your friends can shell out $5,000 to charter a chopper just for yourselves. You don’t get to zipline down from the cabin like a ninja once you get there, we asked, but you do get some unbeatable views of Las Vegas and EDC. If you can swing it, flying beats driving any day.