Las Vegas NCAA Bracket for March Madness

Exec Digital
March 12, 2012

Las Vegas is much more than rowdy nightclubs and streets lacquered with stripper calling cards – the city is infested with as much trash as it is culture. Dan Hipper of knows all too well about the diverse audience that comes to Vegas, both for bachelorette festivities and Michelin star rated cuisine. As the Vice President of Marketing for, Hipper is aware of the ins-and-outs of the Vegas guest who comes for a great time. "Las Vegas brings in a ton of people, whether they’re fans of a team or not. It’s the ultimate sports fan experience here," he says.

The Las Vegas sports experience has accelerated beyond the sports books to emphasize a host of fabulous activities. As the culinary center to the world's finest chefs, with legends like Wolfgang Puck, Michael Mina and Tom Colicchio all offering masterpieces along the strip, this month everything is united; while sports and fine cuisine usually clash, in Las Vegas during March Madness, it’s much more than status quo.

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