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Logos & Identity Guidelines

Building a strong brand image takes the consistent and creative use of all available corporate communications media to create a focused product position and identity.

Below are links to the VEGAS.com logo in formats designed for print or web use, as well as for full color or black and white usage.

Please download our identity guidelines for instructions on using the logos properly. If you have any questions about any part of the guideline, or aren't sure which is the proper logo to use, please contact VEGAS.com at (702) 992-7900 for proper direction.

Please note: Our logo is a legally protected trademark. Any unauthorized use is prohibited.

VEGAS.com Logo Usage Guidelines
VEGAS.com Logo Usage Guidelines (PDF)

VEGAS.com Logos
VEGAS.com logo (color) - EPS
VEGAS.com logo (color) - JPG
VEGAS.com logo (color) - TIFF
VEGAS.com logo (color, with ".com" in white) - EPS
VEGAS.com secondary logo (color) - EPS