Celebrate 12-13-14 in Las Vegas

Setting a wedding date is about more than just committing your life to another human being. It's also about picking an easy-to-recall anniversary to avoid a lifetime of arguments. That's why we love sequential wedding dates (we love them so much, we might just marry them). Take Dec. 13, 2014, for instance. It's the last sequential wedding date of the century and a superstitious person's dream. If you get married on this special date, remembering your anniversary will be as easy as counting  from 12  to 14. Plus, it's super trendy. Chapels from the Las Vegas Strip to downtown are already overflowing with bookings. We're here to help make sure you're one of the lucky ones.
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Tips for a kick-butt 12-13-14 wedding in Las Vegas

Memorable dates and wedding ceremonies are a marriage made in heaven (aka Las Vegas). Not only is Vegas the marriage capital of the United States (more than 80,000 couples tie the knot here every year), but we also know a thing or two about lucky numbers. 

Sequential wedding dates are as hot as a Vegas summer, but with way more personalized Pinterest boards. Even the county agrees that dates like 12-13-14 are popular for weddings in Vegas. They issued 4,333 marriage licenses for 7-7-7, 10-10-10 saw 3,090 marriage licenses issued and 11-11-11 saw 3,024 marriage licenses issued. That's a whole lot of wedded bliss right there.

Thousands of happy couples are expected to flock to Vegas to tie the knot on 12-13-14. Show them who's the happiest with our tips for your trip down the aisle:

Book now, divorce later. We jest, of course. But with no waiting period and no blood test, Las Vegas is known for spur of the moment wedding days. A popular date like 12-13-14 isn't one of those days. Chapels are already seeing high demand. If you feel strongly about walking down the aisle on 12-13-14, contact chapels now. 

Get a room. In addition to the wedding frenzy, Dec. 13, 2014, is also the last day of the National Finals Rodeo -- that means the city will be crowded, y'all. Cowboys and cowgirls, as well as other random Vegas visitors, need hotel rooms too. So don't wait until it's too late to book your honeymoon suite. You don't want to spend your lucky wedding night without a place to … well … get lucky. 

Have fun with the numbers. When it comes to lucky numbers, why limit yourself to the date? Say your "I dos" at exactly 12:13 and 14 seconds or request room 1213 on the 14th floor for your honeymoon hotel suite. If you're a gambling groom or bride with a superstitious streak, take your lucky numbers to the casino. What better way to hit the jackpot on married life than by literally hitting a jackpot? 

Make a weekend of it. Since 12-13-14 falls on a Saturday it's the perfect opportunity to turn your wedding into a Vegas weekend getaway for friends and family. If you're feeling particularly feisty, you could invite 12 male friends, 13 female friends and 14 family members (or any combination therein). Hotel chapels offer packages for groups of all sizes and number combinations. 

Don't forget your paperwork. Sure we're all about quickie weddings, but you'll still need to be prepared with a Clark County marriage license if you plan to get married in Vegas. For more information, click here.

Consider date alternatives. While 12-13-14 is the last sequential date of the century, there will be other fun dates for a lucky and memorable wedding. For instance, the entire week of 4-14-14 is a palindrome (4-12-14, 4, 13-14, 4-14-14, 4-15-14, 4-16-14, 4-17-14, 4-18-14, 4-19-14) as are the dates 5-15-15, 6-16-16 and so on. Remember, there's power in numbers.